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Upon finishing the two-week-long selection process we call Genesis, you'll have learned the concepts and reflexes to be successful in the following 14-week program named Odyssey. It's this intense and fast-paced course that will provide you with the technical and behavioral skills required to be operational and productive within an enterprise, such as:

  • Develop on PC or MAC (your choice)
  • Full Stack development of web sites and information systems
  • Languages ​​used: HTML, Javascript, Python, Go, C #, Ruby, .NET

  • Skills to acquire

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    CodeBoxx: How it works

    The first step to register in a cohort is obviously to complete the registration form on our website. Note: Completing the form will reserve a place for you in the cohort and represents a formal commitment on your part. Before proceeding, make sure you have all your questions answered. The form is not a simple information request form. We ask you for a lot of information to learn more about your background, your education, your dream job, etc. No information provided is intended to be disqualifying, CodeBoxx is open to everyone! Once registered, you will receive an acknowledgement email and the next step will be the enrollment process, which usually begins a few weeks before the anticipated start date of your cohort, via an email that we will send you. Please note that if you register for the “online” campus, the steps and conditions listed below are not valid. Please see our FAQ section for more details of our online offer our contact us directly.

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