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Accelerated Technology Program - Reshaping human capital one individual at a time

3 years or 18 months to learn technology may be a waste of time for you

Design & Build High-Quality Software

Get more work done with our homegrown network of professional designers, developers, testers, and data scientists.

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2019 Partner of the Year

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An IT placement agency

Unlike traditional employment agencies, we offer much more than a resume; we have known each candidate for a minimum of 16 weeks. Find the profile that best suits your entrepreneurial spirit and your needs and minimize the chances of error! Detailed profiles of candidates will be available upon registration!

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CodeBoxx: How it works

Fill out your toolbox in 16 weeks and get a shot at the technology developer life

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The Genesis Program: The Selection Process!

Prepare yourself for a fast-changing world

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CodeBoxx: A movement open to everyone!

The school takes all the risks and everyone is accepted!

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Accessible to everyone

We start new cohorts in January, May and September of every year for all our campuses. Find out if the registrations are open in the registration form.

  • quebec
    • You only pay tuition once you get a job
    • Once hired, your tuition equates to 20% of your first year salary
    • 3 options to launch your career:
      • Start your career at one of the partners of our elite circle
      • Join our Digital Workshop full of ongoing projects
      • Become a freelancer
    • You can borrow a computer
    • Our coaching staff is dedicated to you success
    • A transformational jouney that teaches hard and soft skills
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  • online
    • Tuition due upon enrollment
    • Instant Certification upon completion
    • Exact same Quality Full-time program
    • Dedicated coaching staff accessible through video-conferencing
    • Learn the Skills and Tools to work from home and deliver results
    • Guaranteed access to our placement service
    • Lifetime access to the CodeBoxx Community Resources
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The Program

Quoi faire

Upon finishing the two-week-long selection process we call Genesis, you'll have learned the concepts and reflexes to be successful in the following 14-week program named Odyssey. It's this intense and fast-paced course that will provide you with the technical and behavioral skills required to be operational and productive within an enterprise, such as:

Full Stack development of web sites and information systems

A variety of languages learned

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • Go
  • C#

Develop on PC or MAC (your choice)

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The CodeBoxx Advantage


Our graduates each have a very unique story to tell

Our Partners

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The 3 Pillars of CodeBoxx

Ultra-accelerated learning approach to leveraging technology in business

Salle de Classe

Set of 14 themes delivered “Boot Camp” style

An original program designed specifically to train technology workers that will be not only operational but also highly appreciated. Our programs expose participants to modern tools and practices acknowledged and used by the market.

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Rocket Elevtor

Enterprise simulation delivers immediate work experience

Each theme is explored through the use-cases of a fictitious company. The immersion in this realistic context will allow the participant to develop the reflexes and behaviors that will be required when joining future teams and projects.

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Coach avec étudiant

Experienced coaches with active tech careers support each participant

Problem resolution and software implementations required for the program are done under the guidance of currently-working coaches who are invested in the success of the participants.

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