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An IT placement agency

Unlike traditional employment agencies, we offer much more than a resume; we have known each candidate for a minimum of 16 weeks. Find the profile that best suits your entrepreneurial spirit and your needs and minimize the chances of error! Detailed profiles of candidates will be available upon registration!

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CodeBoxx: How it works

Fill out your toolbox in 16 weeks and get a shot at the technology developer life

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Genesis: The Selection Process!

Prepare yourself for a fast-changing world

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CodeBoxx: A movement open to everyone!

The school takes all the risks and everyone is accepted!

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Codeboxx Codeboxx Codeboxx Codeboxx

Accessible to everyone

We start new cohorts in January, May and September of every year for all our campuses. Find out if the registrations are open in the registration form.

Full-time programs

The Program

Quoi faire
Quoi faire

Upon finishing the two-week-long selection process we call Genesis, you'll have learned the concepts and reflexes to be successful in the following 14-week program named Odyssey. It's this intense and fast-paced course that will provide you with the technical and behavioral skills required to be operational and productive within an enterprise, such as:

Full Stack development of web sites and information systems

A variety of languages learned

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • Go
  • C#

Develop on PC or MAC (your choice)

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The CodeBoxx Advantage

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Our graduates all have there views on the experience here are some we have

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Agnes : With CodeBoxx, programming has become a true love. They gave me the opportunity to start a new, exciting chapter in my life. Everybody was really supportive and kind in my cohort!
It is a really intense 16 weeks and you can learn really much during that short period of time if you are devoted heart and soul to your work. Be open, flexible and dedicated and you will successfully complete the challenges!
What I really loved in this program, the business simulation! The bootcamp feels like a real experience as you work in teams and individually too while answering for a fictional client’s needs. CodeBoxx is focusing on your soft skills next to the technical competences which is a huge advantage on the job market.
Of course hard and confusing times could come but luckily a wonderful coach team backs you and you will learn how to deal with these moments. The school will support you in every way possible!
Found on course-report
Vanessa : 2020 Graduate working as an IOS Developer. Codeboxx provided me with the tools necessary to start a new career.  
It was an incredibly difficult experience, but nothing worth doing is easy. The camp has to be treated as full time job to succeed.
I would recommend building up a solid base in the fundamentals before taking the course. It'll help you immensely throughout the program.
Found on career-karma
Mathieu T. : I would be lying to tell you that the bootcamp is easy, but this bootcamp as changed my life forever. And now I can say that after 4 months of hard work I'm a developer and I can participate to many beautiful project, Thanks Codeboxx and all is team!
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Stephane, Guillaume, and Martin : Stephane Says: Une expérience inoubliable, une équipe géniale et un superbe local. CodeBoxx m'a permis de réorienter ma carrière en seulement 4 mois. Très intense on passe par toutes les gammes d'émotions. Les TI vous intéresse, je vous recommande fortement ce programme a saveur de bootcamp.
         Guillaume says : Super formation, personnel très compétent. Très heureux d'avoir fait parti de l'aventure.
         Martin says : Super formation, personnel très compétent. Un bel expérience très enrichissante et qui ouvre plein de portes dans le monde des T.I !!
Found on course-report
Afandy : Overall, it was a good experience if you are looking for a career change. They teach you not only how to code, but how to think and figure out problems on your own. The best part is you only pay tuition once you get a job.
Found on career-karma
Patrick : It was a career reorientation for my case, and i don't regret my choice at all. It has been hard at some times but a wonderful experience that i will never forget. I am now working in this industry on several projects and i love it.
Found on course-report
Paul Francois : Following a career change, I did not have the time to go back 3 years to do college training in technology. The opportunity of the thrilling challenge of a boot camp at CodeBoxx has proved to be the best alternative for me. Training in 4 months has required a serious commitment and dedication, but it has really been worth it and I can now work in the field. Dedicated coaches, up-to-date classrooms and the learning of cutting edge techniques have changed the course of my life.
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 : I am a Pro programmer for more than a year now
CodeBoxx certainly did it for me!
At the time I write this review (august 2020) I am a professionnal programmer working in one of the best company in Québec City Canada for more than a year.
Be ready to work hard and you will learn all you need to go forward into a new carreer.
Even now, after many lines of code merged into a very complex program. There are many things that I learned at CodeBoxx that are still very usefull.
Its honest and it works.
Found on career-karma
Mathieu C. : I have been looking for a career change for some time when I heard about CodeBoxx bootcamp. The fast pace of the program was a game changer for me because I couldn’t go back to college for an extended (2-3 years) period of time but I was ready to completely invest 16 weeks of my life. The program is set in a business simulation where you’ll be called to complete tasks for a fictional corporation. Those tasks get you through the basis of some of the most used programming languages and frameworks. Some of them are individual others with teammates. You have to learn so much in so little time (16 weeks) that it has to be intense and you must be prepared to work hard and commit many hours a week (don’t expect to go away with it in 40h a week). Don’t expect everything to be handed to you. What you get is assignments, access to coaches for guidance, an environment where competition and team spirit meets. In the end you won’t know everything about the languages and frameworks shown in the program. But I can tell you that no challenges will afraid you once your done with this. In the end, CodeBoxx is the best thing that could happen to my professional life. I would do it all over again
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Andre and Thomas : Andrew Roy says : CodeBoxx is unique, there's simply nothing to compare it to in Quebec. For me CodeBoxx has been the most challenging and rewarding experience yet. My expectations were high and CodeBoxx delivered on every point and even did more by making a deal with BMO to offer us students some advantages with the bank. I bet there's more things like this comming up in the future and also, I assure you that if you are tempted to try CodeBoxx out you won't be disappointed.
        Thomas Carrier says : Definitely an opportunity not to miss for those wishing for a career re-orientation or for those without the time to get the full school formation. You will learn basics (and some more complex) in the most influential technologies of the moment and will get out of there with values appreciated by any employer. It's truly a bootcamp like none other.
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Marc : After 16 weeks, I can work as developer and pursue my dream in the IT world! Codeboxx gives me the opportunity to build a toolbox. The IT world is all about community and team work. Codeboxx represent a day to day in a life of developer. I learn how to solve daily problem by myself and find resources to keep learning to be always on top in the IT career. No one will hold your hand if you want to work as a developer. You need to take care of yourself to step up against the competition with new skills. Great experience that I will never forget. Thanks again for this opportunity.

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The 3 Pillars of CodeBoxx

Ultra-accelerated learning approach to leveraging technology in business

Salle de Classe

Set of 14 themes delivered “Boot Camp” style

An original program designed specifically to train technology workers that will be not only operational but also highly appreciated. Our programs expose participants to modern tools and practices acknowledged and used by the market.

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Rocket Elevtor

Enterprise simulation delivers immediate work experience

Each theme is explored through the use-cases of a fictitious company. The immersion in this realistic context will allow the participant to develop the reflexes and behaviors that will be required when joining future teams and projects.

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Coach avec étudiant

Experienced coaches with active tech careers support each participant

Problem resolution and software implementations required for the program are done under the guidance of currently-working coaches who are invested in the success of the participants.

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Genesis: The Selection Process!

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The 3 pillars of CodeBoxx’s success

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CodeBoxx: A movement open to everyone!

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