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An Iterative Approach


Discovery: It is the exploration of the possible and the setting aside of the impossible in terms of objectives and expectations. This step poses the problem to be solved.


Definition: It is the stage where the stakeholders define with the partner the requirements and acceptability criteria that will allow the problem to be declared.


Design: It is the phase where the product team and the development team work together to design the solution that will be implemented. The requirements are explained alongside the acceptability criteria and the developers identify the most pragmatic way to achieve the result. The design must obtain approval from the decision-making stakeholders.


Development: Development: It is the stage of setting up and implementing the agreed solution. At this stage, any request for change is not desirable and questions the established schedule in the previous phases.


Delivery: It implies delivery of the solution after approval of the deliverable by the stakeholders. The solution is put into service with an appropriate level of change management. The most important part involves constant monitoring of the solution, measuring its performance and impact and assessing the level of achievement of the initial objectives. All of these elements of feedback feed into the Discovery phase of a possible subsequent iteration if desired and justified by the decision-making stakeholders.

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