CodeBoxx is coming to Montreal!

Quebec, June 21st 2019 – CodeBoxx, the 16-week accelerated technology bootcamp that teaches technology jobs to people with various backgrounds in Quebec City for more than a year now, is happy to launch the registration process for its new classroom scheduled to open in the Montreal Area. The organization wants to expand its social mission and propose its ambitious plan to the Quebec Metropolis. CodeBoxx will launch the first Montreal cohort in January 2020. Registrations are piling up and info sessions will be organized in the upcoming weeks.

The decision to go forward with an expansion after less than a year successfully training participants in Quebec City was done conscientiously by the CEO and founder Nicolas Genest: “We validated our concept and our program really quickly and the opportunities we created for both individuals and the business community here in the Quebec market is so valuable and the success of our some 50 graduates  is already so obvious that we are compelled to expand in stronger markets where the need for qualified technologists is even more pressing. Montreal was a very intuitive extension of our reach.”

CodeBoxx takes all the risks: everybody is accepted, we lend brand new laptops to our participants, we guarantee a job to our graduates through our elite circle of businesses and they pay their tuition fees only when we got them a job, through a percentage of their year 1 gross salary. Strong with an amazing program success rate and an even better placement ratio, CodeBoxx was able to convince even the most skepticals and had the opportunity to validate the 3 pillars of its original and exclusive ultra-accelerated program:

  • A 14-topic program delivered in Boot Camp mode

An original academic program, created and customized for the particularities of the Quebec market, exposes the participants to market-recognized and up-to-date tools and practices in a fast-paced environment. The high intensity boot camp spread over 14 weeks allows every participant to acquire many different skills and competencies highly valued by future employers.

  • A hands-on corporate simulation that delivers immediate experience to the participants

Each theme is explored within the context of a fictional company. The immersion in a business context enables the participants to develop reflexes and habits absolutely necessary to their future jobs in tech.

  • Experienced coaches strong of a fruitful ongoing career

Problem resolution and implementation of the deliverables aligned on the program’s requirements is done with the help of senior coaches committed to a mission of mentors. They assist and support participants with a customized approach based on each individual’s personality.

At CodeBoxx, we are proud to say we teach more than technology! Nadya Fortier, Director of Operations, explains:  “We have a strong culture that we reinforce week after week and our values surround participants and push them to aim for excellence in execution, to always go the extra mile and to remain flexible and nimble even in front of very complex situations. We develop soft skills as much as we develop hard skills.”

To determine if a program like CodeBoxx is a good fit for the candidate, the Boot Camp starts with a selection challenge of 2 weeks called Genesis.  The challenge allows every participant to quickly realize if the technology environment is made for them. The journey is set to continue even after the 16 weeks. The organization invests a lot of resources in the CodeBoxx community to help freshly graduated participants to start on the right foot in their new jobs and to feed potential entrepreneurial ambitions.: “With CodeBoxx, I open my address book which was grown in Paris, New York and in Silicon Valley over the last 16 years. We are already an incubator of choice for quality concepts and ideas and we expose them to real venture capital” proudly states Nicolas Genest.

CodeBoxx doesn’t lack ambitions! The organization, with its proof of concept completed in only 1 cohort, is capable of being the spark of many new careers in tech. The school wants to not only explore new markets but also figure out a way to serve Quebec’s rural areas.

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