The Genesis Program: A truly reliable selection process!

It's in 2018 that the first Genesis Program in the history of CodeBoxx was completed. This 2-week program revealed to be an excellent tool for the identification of future participants in the 14-week long Odyssey program. This article intends to provide more details on the Genesis portion of the CodeBoxx journey. The first two weeks at CodeBoxx represent a huge challenge on many levels; At the competency level where new tools are to be used, at the mental level where perseverance and determination are to be shown to overcome the many challenges and at the social level where adaptability is required to quickly maximize all the available to be succesful.


On a technical level, the program starts with the creation of a website using HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap and Javascript. The business simulation already has begun at this stage and there is even an opportunity to explore node.js to meet the heavy workloads of the program. Moreover, among the skills to be explored, there is the online deployment of your deliverable in the cloud in a secured and maintainable manner. These steps are crucial and require focus and dedication. It's usually the time of the program where candidates understand what being a technology developer is truly about and what awaits them in terms of workload. We collected multiple pieces of feedback referring to how important the guidance of coaches is and how beneficial it is to have a set of requirements out of an original program authored by Nicolas Genest.

Genesis, just like the rest of the program, requires complete commitment and presence from the participant. To this day nobody succeeded in delivering a workable solution through partial attendance. We can never insist enough on this aspect: CodeBoxx is a Boot Camp requiring total self-investment in order to train your brain and acquire the new habits associated with the career. A majority of participants invested countless hours during the Week-end to remain up-to-date on the requirements of the program and to stay on pace with the better participants of the cohort so they can deliver on time. There is a special place in history for those who trust the CodeBoxx approach as it is a truly innovative way to assimilate knowledge and ramp up on the modern tech landscape. Trusting this new approach enables to discover yourself, push back on several limits and acquire new valuable life tricks.

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