Participants share their experiences!

Thursday, November 1st, 2018 - Nicolas Genest, CEO of CodeBoxx, was present in the studios of RadioPirate. Nicolas had a surprise for host Jeff Fillion: three brave participants from the first cohort, which started on August 27th!

Genest was joined by Jabir Uredi Saidi, Valérie Beaupré and Mathieu Lortie, who were here to talk about their experiences to-date in the CodeBoxx adventure, with each participant briefly summarizing their background and what led to their choice to become a participant.

An explanation of the new school's concept was introduced, followed by the fascinating accounts of the experiences of the three courageous students so far (they were halfway through the 16-week course at the time). A common theme emerged from this interview: CodeBoxx's boot camp is an incredibly rewarding human and professional experience and the participants' toolboxes fills up at a very fast pace. The complete audio below (french only):

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