CodeBoxx takes a bet on your success and everybody wins

Former participants of the inaugural cohort asked several questions to the CodeBoxx staff throughout the program about its mission and its financing. Our answers inspired the following publication.

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We make special efforts to remain as clear and precise as possible everywhere on our site and during all the various exchanges occuring during the admission process. Are contracts are concise, they have no scary legal language and the agreements we pass with our participants are simple: We take all the risks on our shoulders until you find a job. The participants pay their program fees only if the program has produced results for them. If the number of graduates in a cohort is zero, the revenue of CodeBoxx will be Zero. On top of the risk, we guarantee employment to successful students and you know all the parameters of that guarantee before you even start the program. Our approach is truly close to the one of a charity. The revenue generated from our success at training and placing successful graduates is used to support their new careers and train future cohorts of individuals

Why CodeBoxx?

The training that we deliver is meant to be an alternative to online programs already developed and made available to people capable of learning by themselves. On the Web today through Codecademy, Udemy, Coursera, Udacity, Stackskills and many more, you have had access to many courses and programs for many years and some cost much less than CodeBoxx will cost you. The basic foundation of our project, is that there is a subset of the current workforce that is attracted by a career in technology but underserved in the ways available to them to make the move. If that is the case, it's because there is something missing and we believe we bridge that gap. CodeBoxx provides a context that enables focus and dedication, it favors performance by showing the goals to reach and allowing not to lose sight of the objective. Our program exposes participants to technologies that are in high demand and that makes them productive and reliable professionals. The program is delivered by senior professionals strong of a successful career. Some remain as mentors beyond the training. The immersive business simulation delivers experience right away. We provide initiations to many languages and tools widely adopted by the market.

Financing and Costs

Launching such a program is very expensive, our first school is located within brand new prime real estate where parking is free. Our coaches are paid based on the success of their graduates, we provide equipement of the highest quality to enable the highest performance and we design projects with our partners that provide perspectives beyond the training. The funding is also used to entertain a vibrant community of CodeBoxx alumni so we remain available for all graduates at every meaningful step of their careers. We will remain on-demand to assist them in all their future challenges. Operations required to deliver the program, measure performance, update power rankings, advocate for participants in front of our partner circle so they find a job il line with their aspirations, maintain a good balance within our partners and our customer base, and manage team members on the various ongoin internal projects so they can get more experienced are all expensive initiatives that fuel the movement and secure positive results for everyone involved.

Beyond the new school

CodeBoxx, you understood it, is the beginning of a movement that is meant to reshape human capital one individual at a time. It's the inception of an initiative that goes well beyond a new generation of schools. You are free to join that movement if it suits your needs. Already more than 350 people signed up because they understand the opportunity to make a change while not taking on too much risk. There is a very special place in the ecosystem we are building for those who will have been part of the journey in the early days. CodeBoxx has taken an important bet on the participants by selecting them and by dedicating a seat within one of our cohorts. To truly understand how much potential this opportunity has You need to register.


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