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Since launching in 2018, over 400 people have registered to attend CodeBoxx. Demand is such that we've had to increase the size of our groups to 45 candidates, 50% more than initially projected. With so little marketing efforts, the sheer number of initial registrations represented the first important milestone for us. It revealed that our solution was a real one, and an effective way to get started with a technology career. Moreover, the diversity found within our registrants makes the founders of the initiative very proud. In a domain dominated by males, 15% of registrations are from women.

The learning environment proposed by CodeBoxx will encourage the participation and involvement of women. It's one of the core missions of the movement and is aligned with the vision of our Chief Operating Officer, Nadya Fortier. Resources in the coming years will be invested to promote CodeBoxx as a real destination for women wanting to unlock their true potential. When diversity is brought up in the analysis of our first registrants, we must also look into their age. Distribution based on age is phenomenally diverse and we are perceived as a solution for everyone.

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Participants from all generations want to join in on this adventure and turn over a new leaf in their professional lives. One quarter of the participants are aged between 15 and 24 years old and are looking for a faster process to hit the market, and they want to remain motivated. Over one third of our participants are aged between 35 and 44 years old, and are looking for a change to, or an improvement on, the current moment of their careers and lives. These statistics show how well we respond to a variety of profiles. Ultimately, each participant, no matter how old or young, will find a home at CodeBoxx. Among our other objectives, we want to eliminate as many barriers to entry as possible. The following aspect is in regards to our participant's backgrounds.

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What education level do they have? Are they experienced with programming and general technology? Answering these questions didn't affect their admission, the goal here was to adapt to our crowd based on their personality and their past experiences. So far, answers have been truly informative. Less than a third of the people who registered have a degree or some time spent in a college or a university, so this leaves a large place to other various educational and professional backgrounds. The same is applicable with programming experience. A majority of registrants had never touched programming in their lives.

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Considering that 3 out of 4 job openings will not be fulfilled by traditional college or university graduates in the coming years, the CodeBoxx participants will have in front of them a huge potential for employment in a technology-related job. All contributors to our movement will benefit from their involvement. There are similar 'boot camp'-style training programs out there receiving a growing amount of traction in the United States and Europe. They present very positive results, which demonstrate the true appetite for accelerated learning initiatives. Over 98% of the graduates coming out of these 'boot camp' schools in the United States find jobs, and the salaries are reflective of the demand in the job market, which average $85,000 USD. The technology sector is constrained in its expansion because of the shortage in a qualified work force. This will be the case in the decades to come, and it's a real opportunity for CodeBoxx to thrive. It all starts by filling out the enrolment form!

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