CodeBoxx: How it works

1. Registration

The first step to register in a cohort is obviously to complete the registration form on our website. Note: Completing the form will reserve a place for you in the cohort and represents a formal commitment on your part. Before proceeding, make sure you have all your questions answered. The form is not a simple information request form. We ask you for a lot of information to learn more about your background, your education, your dream job, etc. No information provided is intended to be disqualifying, CodeBoxx is open to everyone! Once registered, you will receive an acknowledgement email and the next step will be the enrollment process, which usually begins a few weeks before the anticipated start date of your cohort, via an email that we will send you. Please note that if you register for the “online” campus, the steps and conditions listed below are not valid. Please see our FAQ section for more details of our online offer our contact us directly.

2. The Enrollment Process

As mentioned, all registrants will receive by email the procedure to follow to complete this step a few weeks before the anticipated start of their cohort. The official start date of your cohort will also be announced to you and the procedure to onboard the CodeBoxx portal, where the whole process will be followed and completed, will be well detailed. The enrollment process includes 4 mandatory steps to complete to formalize your place at CodeBoxx. Once on boarded on the CodeBoxx portal, the home page will give the procedure for the first step to be completed.

Step # 1: The quizzes

The first stage contains 3 quizzes to complete: Technology, English and Personality. We want to identify your personality type in order to integrate you into a suitable group as well as assign you a coach who will be able to support you adequately. It is important to remember again that at no time can these tests disqualify you in any way. If you complete all of these steps, you will be admitted as a candidate with all the associated benefits which will be listed later in this publication.

Step # 2: The contract

Following the completion of the 3rd and last quiz, the contract will be sent to you automatically. This 2-page contract defines the agreement between you and CodeBoxx during and after the successful completion of your training. You will sign the contracts electronically via the DocuSign online tool. Once signed by the candidate, the contract will be sent to CodeBoxx and when completed, a copy will be sent to you, which will allow you to proceed to the next step.

Step # 3: The $2000 Security Deposit

Once the contract is signed by the candidate and by CodeBoxx, you are on to the $ 2,000 security deposit stage. This $2000 is a 100% refundable deposit upon completion of the program. This deposit is very important to ensure the accountability and responsibility of each participant in order to push them to complete the training, but also to understand the privilege of a place in a CodeBoxx cohort. Every candidate must have skin in the game. In addition, the deposit acts as protection on the devices that we lend to candidates when needed. The refund policy is very simple: you simply have to complete the training, fail or succeed. We will come back to this later in this text, but an abandonment is the only reason that would not give you the right to a full refund of the deposit. Once the deposit is made, you are officially registered for the cohort and you are committed to focusing only on the bootcamp for the 16 weeks that it lasts. At this point, it will also be possible to access the last tab of the portal in order to validate if your computer is performing well enough for the training and to reserve a Microsoft Surface or an Apple Macbook Pro if necessary at no additional cost.

Step # 4: Preparation

The 4th and final step in the process is preparation. Composed of a theoretical component and a practical component, this step is once again mandatory to allow you to start the cohort. Preparation is completed gradually in the weeks leading up to the start of the cohort and the Genesis program.

3. The Genesis program: The selection test!

D-Day: the start of your cohort! When the cohort begins, it begins with a program called "Genesis", which lasts for 2 weeks. During these 2 weeks, you will learn how to build a website and upload it securely to the cloud. These 2 weeks are like a training camp: you have to pass to take the next step. The 2 objectives of Genesis are as follows:

  • Validation of the candidates' motivation and interest for the field
  • Validation of candidates' ability to proceed to the next step, the Odyssey program.

  • In other words, the program serves to validate that candidates who successfully complete it have the commitment, attitude, work ethic, determination and skills necessary to succeed in the bootcamp’s next step, the Odyssey program. In addition, as mentioned in the previous step, the candidate is entitled to a full refund of the security deposit when he or she completes the program, regardless of the result, pass or fail. In either case, if you complete the 2 weeks, you are entitled to a refund. Applicants who withdraw from Genesis before completion are not entitled to a refund of their deposit. The same principle applies for the Odyssey program.

    In addition, candidates who complete the 2 weeks, pass Genesis and access the Odyssey program, but have no interest in continuing since the technology field is not made for them are obviously entitled to a full refund of their deposit as well. More than half of our graduates so far had no previous programming experience before CodeBoxx. It is therefore quite normal to allow everyone to get a shot at it without having to spend a single dollar: all it takes is 2 weeks of your time!

    4. The Odyssey Program

    Following the 2 weeks of Genesis, candidates who have qualified for the next step officially become participants and enter Odyssey, a 14-week marathon that will lead them to their new career in technology. With 1 theme per week and a deliverable to hand in at the end of each week, you will understand that the program is very intensive. Each week, the fictitious company that acts as a customer in our business simulation will send you its requests and you will have to fill them. A combination of personal and collaborative work makes up the program, in addition to a week of individual learning consolidation. Here are some important things to remember about the bootcamp:

  • There are no lectures at CodeBoxx. You will be paired with a coach who will mentor you and support you throughout the program and over the weeks. You will integrate teams of 5 to 6 people. Some weeks you will be assigned individual requirements and other weeks the workload will be too heavy. You will have to collaborate, contribute but above all trust and move forward with your teammates to deliver and maximize your ranking.

  • In addition to technical skills, your score is made up of a series of criteria that assess soft skills. These skills are often even more important than hard skills to employers. Among the 13 criteria, reliability, collaboration, attitude, excellence in execution and much more are evaluated weekly by the coaches and our team. It is therefore very important to respect the instructions, to be present at bi-daily scrums as well as at question periods, to have an exemplary attitude, to make all the necessary efforts, etc. If you are part of a cohort, your presence is essential and your score will be affected if there are any misses.

  • A minimum of 50 hours per week is required to get through the program and deliver quality each week. This figure is an estimate based on our experience with past cohorts. Some may take 30 hours, others 80 hours, it varies a lot, but one thing is certain, the commitment is the most important thing at CodeBoxx! CodeBoxx is an intensive bootcamp that requires all of your energy, focus and motivation. You will live a total of 16 life changing weeks. You must dedicate yourself and focus 100% on this training for its total duration.

  • A typical day at CodeBoxx contains scrums, question periods, huddles as needed, lots of individual research, reading or watching tutorials, collaborating, researching, organizing tasks based on the deliverable and much more. The requirements document containing for the week is introduced on Monday morning and the deliverable must be submitted by Friday at midnight at the latest. Every week.

  • The heavy workload we ask of you has been factored into the development of our premises to give you all the tools you need to be successful. Various functional areas have been put in place to optimize the performance and productivity of the participants and ensure focus on the tasks. Individual workspaces, collaborative spaces, a catering / kitchen area, an entertainment area (table tennis, multiple screens, gaming, etc.), a rest room as well as work tables have been set up to ensure the comfort of participants. You will also have access to our conference rooms, a lounge area and an auditorium where our week-end ceremonies as well as our guest conferences will be held.

    5. Graduation, Placement and Tuition

    Throughout the training, each week, you accumulate points which gives you a rank in the weekly power ranking. These points are accumulated on the basis of your deliverables, but also on your soft skills as mentioned in the previous paragraph. A minimum threshold of points must be reached to graduate from the program. Graduation and employment are what triggers the process of reimbursing your tuition fees. Successful completion of the program opens 3 doors for your new career in technology:

  • You are hired by one of our partner companies or by an external company and we send you an invoice in the amount equivalent to 20% of your first year of gross base salary.

  • You join the ranks of the CodeBoxx’s Digital Workshop and we put you on one of our active projects. You are therefore employed by CodeBoxx, paid at $ 25 / hr for a minimum period of 46 weeks. By making you participate in these projects you will come to apply the concepts explored during the training and you will develop your skills. We will then send you an invoice for the amount equivalent to 20% of your first year of gross base salary.

  • You become a freelancer and an invoice for $14,000 will be sent to you.

  • The invoice is only sent when you are hired, unless of course you have chosen option 3. Tuition fees are calculated using your employment contract, but once the amount is calculated, it is fixed and will not change no matter what happens in the following months (salary increase, bonus etc.). The repayment terms are as follows: the fixed amount calculated previously can be paid in 2 ways, either within 6 months of receipt of the invoice without interest OR over more than 6 months with interests through our partner financial institution. To make it easier for our graduates, a form is completed in the first weeks of the program to initiate credit validation.

    The follow-up: CodeBoxx one day, CodeBoxx always!

    CodeBoxx is above all a community that we are establishing across North America. A movement of pragmatism in the face of tensions in the labor market as well as an alternative to counter school dropout and promote the integration of immigrants. When you are a CodeBoxx, you are for life. You can come back to school at any time to ask for a hand with a task where you are stuck, to get support when faced with a new challenge or to come and help us train new graduates. The CodeBoxx community will be a vibrant one and always there to help you at all stages of your career. Our philosophy goes well beyond the bootcamp: CodeBoxx one day, CodeBoxx always

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