CodeBoxx: How it works

CodeBoxx: How it works

1. Registration

The first step for those convinced that CodeBoxx is a true option for them after reading the information available, is to fill out the registration form available on the website. We ask multiple questions in order to gather valuable information about your background, your education, and your aspirations. CodeBoxx is open to all candidates! We truly want to put an emphasis on the fact that filling out the form is already a step that confirms your interest in committing to a future group. However there are three more steps following the enrolment process that will allow you to withdraw in case of an emergency or if you simply change your mind along the way. By filling out the form, you are already demonstrating your seriousness to follow through with the entire admission process. Unfortunately, the form cannot be used as a tool to request information.

2. The Selection

Your registration will trigger the admission process. It starts with a sequence of three questionnaires on the following subjects:

  • General technology knowledge
  • English proficiency
  • Personality

  • The reason we want to identify your type of personality is that we want to introduce you to compatible teammates and coaches that will know how to best assist you. It is also important to understand that none of these tests will disqualify you from admission. If you complete these questionnaires, you'll be automatically admitted as a candidate. You will then be required to confirm your participation in the program start-date that will be proposed to you.

    So far, all participants have been proposed a spot in the preferred start-date they had selected at the time of registration. An email sent by the team will request for you to confirm your participation at the proposed date in our schedule. You'll also have the opportunity to select the type of device you want to borrow for the training duration if you don't have your own computer. You are free to use Mac or PC, whichever makes you more productive. It is however recommended to bring in own your computer with MacOS, Ubuntu or Windows 10 because it is preferable to ramp up and master a tool that you are bound to keep beyond the training.

    The last email you will receive during the admission process will be to submit two contracts for your signature. One is for the duration of the training, the other is for the process beyond a successful or unsuccessful completion of the program. You are required to sign the agreements electronically and these signatures will trigger a payment request for a security deposit of $2,000. This amount is only a deposit and will be refunded in full at the time of completion of the program. Given the fact that we are about to take on the risks with accepting candidates that only pay tuition after the job placement process, we need to make sure participants are strongly incentivised to reach the end of the program. Once this deposit is recorded, you will officially be a candidate admitted at CodeBoxx and you will be able to start the preparation process ahead of the official start date. These preparation exercises have been the difference between failure and success for numerous candidates.

    3. The Genesis Program

    On the start day of your cohort, you begin the selection program called "Genesis" which lasts for two weeks. During that time, you will be required to build, style, and deploy a website in a secure cloud with requirements that must be adhered to. These two weeks can be compared to a training camp. It is meant to give a reliable preview of the true reality of a technology developer working for a client. At the end of this selection camp, we will know that the candidates who successfully turn in their projects have the work ethic, determination, and the required basic skills and reflexes to be just as successful for the rest of the training. Participants usually realize by themselves during the Genesis program if the nature of the work is in line with what they initially envisioned. The candidates who fail the Genesis program after reaching completion see their $2,000 security deposit refunded in its entirety. The following 14 weeks -- the Odyssey program -- will be no different in terms of intensity and challenge.

    4. The Odyssey Program

    Following the two-week Genesis program, the selected candidates who become participants are considered fully qualified to take part in the following 14-week Odyssey program. A new theme is introduced weekly, and deliverables based on specific requirements are due at the end of each week. The program is fast-paced and highly demanding on many levels. It is a combination of individual contributions and team work. There are no traditional lectures or classroom teaching, although hands-on guided learning resources are provided. You will be teamed up with a coach who will be in charge of assisting you during the entire course of the program. On some weekly projects you will work in teams composed of 5 to 6 other participants. For other weeks, you will be assigned individual challenges. Some projects include a workload that will simply be too hefty to be handled by one individual, and it will have to be broken down and distributed among team members. Collaboration during these assignments will enable you to contribute to the success of a team and will most importantly develop your ability to trust others and get the most out of your teammates to deliver quality solutions and maximize your ranking.

    When it comes to time commitment and the imposed schedule of the training, it is impossible to provide a precise number of hours per week because of the nature of the program. A participant with past experience developing and using the technology we chose might be able to produce quality deliverables within 30 hours, while someone entirely new to these concepts might need to invest up to 80+ hours of work. We put a special emphasis on commitment: CodeBoxx is a boot camp, an intensive one, and it will require focus and dedication. You will be transformed in many ways once the program has completed. You will have to dedicate 100% of yourself to the program for its entire duration.

    Obviously, we took that specific reality into consideration when we designed our state-of-the-art classroom. Various functional areas are at your disposal to allow you to get the most out of your presence and optimize your performance and productivity. Special efforts were made to allow you to focus on your tasks. We provide individual and collaborative workspaces, a kitchen, an entertainment area (ping pong, televisions, consoles, foosball, virtual reality, etc), as well as a rest area with beds and work tables that have all been designed for your comfort. You also have access to our meeting rooms and our auditorium where our conferences and presentations are held, as well as the gym located within the building.

    5. Your Graduation

    Once you have quickly accumulated the required number of points to succeed in the training, those will be marked as completed. You are likely to reach the level enabling us to introduce you to potential employers ahead of the program's end date. The points you accumulate every week are meant to secure your position within the 'power ranking' that is shared and closely monitored by our partner circle. A successful journey will open three doors for you, and your tuition payment varies:

  • You could be hired by one of the employers of our partner circle. We will therefore send you a tuition invoice that equates to 20% of your negotiated income for the first year.

  • If you become a freelancer or go back to work with a previous employer, a $14,000 invoice will be sent to you. If you are planning on launching your own startup, our CodeBoxx Ventures entity will be more than happy to help out in as many ways as we can in the early inception days of your idea.

  • You could also accept an offer to join the team at CodeBoxx to help us out with our many products, projects and clients all around the world. Our offer comes with a 46-week commitment that will enable you to gain experience in a controlled environment that deeply understands your capabilities, and aims to develop further the skills you acquired during the training. In this case too, you will receive an invoice corresponding to 20% of your first year of salary. The same tuition invoicing principle also applies to the case where you would prefer to get a technology job on your own and outside of our partner circle. In such situation we are always happy to support you with strong references.

  • As you have already understood, CodeBoxx takes on certain risks and will only be paid if you succeed and graduate from the training. This is an extraordinary opportunity for participants from all backgrounds and situations. It is also important to mention at this point that all the proceeds realized from this operation in the context of any given cohort are entirely reinvested in the improvement of our infrastructures, our program, and in the expansion of our classrooms and networks in other markets.

    6. Beyond the training: CodeBoxx forever!

    Throughout our publications, you have already understood that CodeBoxx is more than just a school; it's a truly legitimate movement that we love seeing grow. It's a pragmatic response to the growing tensions in the labour market in the technology sector, and we are finally a true solution. Codeboxx is for those who dropped out of school too early, immigrants wanting a better life, or even those already experienced who simply want to make a career change quickly. This movement is in its infancy, and there is a truly special place in history for those who will honor us with their trust and join this movement. Once you become CodeBoxx alumni, you remain one for life. You are welcome to come back to our facilities, or ask for help when you start a new job, a new project, or a new task. If you become stuck, our growing community can help out physically or online via slack channels that remain open. We honor those who come back to help out and feed the community with their time and knowledge. Amazing success stories are meant to be shared with the newly integrated participants. It helps to imagine themselves in their new career. We are meant to stay around for as long as you have a career. Our philosophy extends well beyond the actual boot camp experience itself.

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