The 3 pillars of CodeBoxx’s success

CodeBoxx’s success comes from a very accessible concept, but also from the 3 very important pillars of its ultra-accelerated approach to learning technology.

A 16-Week program delivered in “Boot Camp” mode

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An original program, tailor-made for the market in which the classroom is established,exposes the participants to the modern tools and best practices widely recognized by the market. The program's intense rhythm over 16 weeks allows participants to acquire the flexibility that will be highly valued by future employers and teammates.

Enterprise simulation delivers immediate work experience

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Each technology theme is explored in the context of a business simulation. Immersion in various enterprise use-cases allows participants to develop the reflexes and behaviors that'll be necessary for when graduates join their future teams.

Experienced coaches with active tech careers support each participant

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Experienced coaches with active tech careers support each participant. Problem resolution and software implementations required for the program are done under the guidance of currently-working coaches who are invested in the success of the participants. The coaches guide and assist the participants in a manner that is adapted to their individual personalities

“At CodeBoxx, we teach more than technology,” explains Nadya Fortier, Chief Operations Officer of the school. “We nurture a culture that surrounds our participants and is reinforced week after week. It pushes them to aim for excellence in execution, to always seek what more they could do for their stakeholders to turn them into partners and always recognize simplicity even within complex situations. The school develops many important soft skills and attitudes parallel to technical skills.”

In order to determine if such a program is truly adapted for a candidate, CodeBoxx starts with a two-week selection program. The selection process allows participants to quickly and reliably find out if the world and reality of a technology developer is truly a world for them individually. For all the details about the process from registration to graduation, read the following article:

The journey is destined to be continued beyond the training. The organisation invests in its alumni community to assist in the early days of their new jobs. CodeBoxx Ventures is also there to support entrepreneurial ambitions. CodeBoxx is a truly ambitious initiative. The organization is capable of becoming the spark that will light up numerous new careers. The school has begun unfolding plans to open new classes in key markets.

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