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Accelerated technology program that turns individuals into developer in only 16-weeks

With this new online campus, CodeBoxx gives access to its unique program to people around the world who cannot attend a cohort at one of CodeBoxx’s physical locations.

Reshaping human capital one individual at a time

In 16 Weeks, you will learn hard and soft skills that are highly appreciated by the technology industry. Our business simulation produces valuable experience alongside a professional technology portfolio that employers will appreciate.

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We start new cohorts in January, May and September of each year. See our FAQ to see how our unique concept works

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CodeBoxx Online Campus: Everything you need to know

The launch of our online campus is an additional option for many people. Going forward, people who reside in certain places where we do not have a physical campus can access our training. Some other people who live in the cities where we are but who would not like to do the in-person training will… Continue reading CodeBoxx Online Campus: Everything you need to know

When you are accepted to the CodeBoxx Bootcamp

To be successful at CodeBoxx, you need to be mature, committed, and responsible. The ideal student is not always the one already well-versed in programming. A majority of CodeBoxx graduates did not have any previous experience in coding before. Mental preparation for the bootcamp plays just as big a role in your success as technical aptitude. Here, we’ll touch on the Dos & Don’ts for a successful CodeBoxx bootcamp mindset.

CodeBoxx: An unbelievable experience!

With yet another cohort starting at CodeBoxx, we wanted to emphasize how each cohort is a unique adventure for all involved. Management team, Coaches, participants, partners, all are unanimous: CodeBoxx is a unique experience! It’s an incredible human adventure, a completely transformational 4 months. Participants from all walks of life, with different levels of education… Continue reading CodeBoxx: An unbelievable experience!

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The 3 Pillars of CodeBoxx

Ultra-accelerated learning approach to leveraging technology in business

Salle de Classe

Set of 14 themes delivered “Boot Camp” style

An original program designed specifically to train technology workers that will be not only operational but also highly appreciated. Our programs expose participants to modern tools and practices acknowledged and used by the market.

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Rocket Elevtor

Enterprise simulation delivers immediate work experience

Each theme is explored through the use-cases of a fictitious company. The immersion in this realistic context will allow the participant to develop the reflexes and behaviors that will be required when joining future teams and projects.

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Coach avec étudiant

Experienced coaches with active tech careers support each participant

Problem resolution and software implementations required for the program are done under the guidance of currently-working coaches who are invested in the success of the participants.

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Comment ça marche?

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CodeBoxx prend un pari sur votre succès et tout le monde y gagne!

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CodeBoxx: Un projet ouvert à tous!

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