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Accelerated technology program that turns individuals into developer in only 16-weeks

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After successful graduation and once you are hired, you will receive an invoice equivalent to 20% of your first year salary as tuition

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We will lend you a high performance laptop for the entire duration of the program

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You can jump-start your career at one of our elite circle partners, you can meet recruiters or work at our Digital Solutions division

Only pay tuition fees after getting a job

The key for an efficient and fast-paced learning process: Encountering concrete and stimulating real-life problems to solve while gaining competence and experience with widely-known technologies. With the help of experienced coaches who will adapt to your knowledge level, we bring you all the support you need to complete our 16-week boot camp. After an intensive two-week selection process where we measure your strengths and weaknesses, we adjust to your rhythm and abilities until the end of the program, at which point you'll be ready to pass interviews for promising job opportunities.

You can be hired by one of our partner companies, work as a freelancer, benefit from our placement service or even join the ranks of our digital solutions. This CodeBoxx entity specializes in digital transformations and opens the doors to several markets around the world.

CodeBoxx was built for times like these

In 16 Weeks, you will learn hard and soft skills that are highly appreciated by the technology industry.

Our business simulation produces valuable experience alongside a professional technology portfolio that employers will appreciate

  • 6 Modern Programming Languages
  • Full Stack Web Development
  • Ruby on Rails and .NET Frameworks
  • Learn Database Management and Analytics
  • Explore Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain
  • Discover the most common APIs
  • Build Mobile Apps
  • Deliver Secure and High-Quality Code
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How It Works

The first step to register with CodeBoxx is to complete the registration form on our website. Please note: You read that correctly, this is a registration form, not a request for information. If you have any questions, make sure all of them are answered before completing the form. To find answers to your questions, you can read the following article in full, visit the FAQ section of the website, or write to us on social media or by email at [email protected].

When you are accepted to the CodeBoxx Bootcamp

To be successful at CodeBoxx, you need to be mature, committed, and responsible. The ideal student is not always the one already well-versed in programming. A majority of CodeBoxx graduates did not have any previous experience in coding before. Mental preparation for the bootcamp plays just as big a role in your success as technical aptitude. Here, we’ll touch on the Dos & Don’ts for a successful CodeBoxx bootcamp mindset.

The 3 Pillars of CodeBoxx

An original program designed specifically to train technology workers that will be not only operational but also highly appreciated. Our programs expose participants to modern tools and practices acknowledged and used by the market.

Genesis: The Selection Process!

It's in 2018 that the first Genesis Program in the history of CodeBoxx was completed. This 2-week program revealed to be an excellent tool for the identification of future participants in the 14-week long Odyssey program. This article intends to provide more details on the Genesis portion of the CodeBoxx journey. The first two weeks at CodeBoxx represent a huge challenge on many levels; At the competency level where new tools are to be used, at the mental level where perseverance and determination are to be shown to overcome the many challenges and at the social level where adaptability is required to quickly maximize all the available to be succesful.

CodeBoxx takes a bet on your success and everybody wins

Former participants of the inaugural cohort asked several questions to the CodeBoxx staff throughout the program about its mission and its financing. Our answers inspired the following publication.

CodeBoxx: An unbelievable experience!

With yet another cohort starting at CodeBoxx, we wanted to emphasize how each cohort is a unique adventure for all involved. Management team, Coaches, participants, partners, all are unanimous: CodeBoxx is a unique experience! It’s an incredible human adventure, a completely transformational 4 months. Participants from all walks of life, with different levels of education… Continue reading CodeBoxx: An unbelievable experience!

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Genesis: The Selection Process!

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The 3 pillars of CodeBoxx’s success

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CodeBoxx makes a bet on your success, and everybody wins!

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CodeBoxx: A movement open to everyone!

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