Le Panier Bleu Report, Technological Capacities Section: Issue # 6 Marketing of sites

Le Panier Bleu Report, Technological Capacities Section: Issue # 6 Marketing of sites

Description of the issue and scope

Digital marketing isn’t as easy as it was just 10 years ago. Back then, emails and keywords were enough to identify yourself on the Web. As the channels are more and more specialized due to the split of audiences, expertise in relation to these audiences is also increasing. Strategies and opportunities, both marketing and analytics, abound, and it becomes difficult for an entrepreneur without the expertise to navigate them. Costs are also getting higher and higher due to the monopoly of a few big players in monetizing traffic and audience on the internet.

It has therefore become essential to have a digital strategy in order to improve the presence of small businesses among Quebec customers, through all the vectors of an omnichannel approach. The original and distinctive content of the retailer or retailer is important, and its distribution in a relevant way across a wide variety of experiences is paramount, as is the optimization of search engine indexing and its virality on social media.

While many companies today offer easy and responsive solutions and effective training, some owners are not always able to take advantage of them. Site members indicate that these difficulties are sometimes related to:

  • Integration with their existing technological platform;
  • Their lack of knowledge;
  • Their misunderstanding about the potential of
    some emerging digital media;
  • The fear of sharing their data.

Stakeholders concerned

Marketing, analytical and technological resources in the various companies will be particularly concerned by this issue. While the technological implementation of a marketing strategy is important, it can be poorly executed, resulting in very different results from trader to trader and from industry to industry. It is also an obstacle that can affect all businesses in Quebec, regardless of their region.

Proposed recommendation

The technologies and solutions that can make traders successful in a globalized and digitized market must be seen as a new generation of infrastructure brought to light by the acceleration of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Many companies are able to develop better products, improve their processes, interact with their customers, increase shopping experiences and analyze their business thanks to this infrastructure that makes omnicommerce a solved problem. It is this infrastructure that must be made available to Quebec merchants to enable them to catch up with our collective delay.

A matrix of digital solutions must know how to support merchants throughout all stages of the commerce lifecycle and must be able to offer solutions for all levels of maturity. A useful matrix for Quebec merchants will combine accessibility to tools and software through knowledge and best practices through a training platform.


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