Le Panier Bleu, Technological Capacities Component: Issue # 5: Leadership and technological vision of projects

Le Panier Bleu, Technological Capacities Component: Issue # 5: Leadership and technological vision of projects

Description of the issue and scope

One of the major challenges for businesses is managing change in the organization and the vision behind these changes. The leader must be able to identify and communicate the vision to his team, while allocating the necessary resources, whether financial, human, external or relating to deadlines, to enable him to carry out projects that will have positive impacts on the brand, products, processes and sales.

Stakeholders concerned

Senior management is affected by this issue, as are those responsible for e-commerce within a company. Non-management leads to the waste of the company’s resources and the implementation of a non-optimal project that is poorly adapted to the reality of the company by its size, by the existing systems or by the field of activity. . There is also a risk of using the wrong technologies in terms of sustainability, robustness, up-front and recurring costs and the ability to support growth.

Suggested recommendation: Retailer networks according to maturity level

It is suggested here to set up a network of merchants, depending on the level of maturity of the businesses, in order to exchange good and bad experiences for the purpose of raising awareness. This would allow business owners to better understand the technological challenges of the industry in general, but also to share best practices with others and reduce risks in order to ensure sustainability.

Several organizations already offer solutions, including:

  • The Quebec Retail Council (CQCD) and its TAG and Hop! Conferences;
  • The Digital Transformation Academy (ATN) and its digital maturity assessment and training program (formerly CEFRIO).

We aim to bring together the lively and competent forces already mobilized and active rather than creating new entities or organizations. Le Panier Bleu can put “its mark” and its public acquired thanks to its notoriety at the service of approved organizations, federated, but above all competent to offer concrete help.

We propose here to set up more structured discussion networks, by industry and by level of maturity. It would be interesting to define the objectives and to survey various traders before setting up this track of solution. In addition, activities adapted according to the results of the survey could then be put in place to facilitate the achievement of the expected objectives.

An essential component of this initiative will be the animation and promotion of a Quebec trade observatory that could conduct consultations, studies and surveys that would provide indicators and trends that traders could use according to their level of maturity. . This body could be one of the major contributors to the continuing education platform proposed above.

This body would benefit in particular from all the data and all the signals received in the context of the exploitation of the technological infrastructures made available to traders in the Blue Basket ecosystem. Comparative data, trends, dashboards and reports could thus be made accessible to inform, alert or raise awareness among traders at all stages of the trade lifecycle.

The performance indicators would have increased relevance within the Blue Basket, because their calculation would take into account the level of maturity measured through diagnostic questionnaires and the pooling of all contributions from approved organizations and groups. by the Blue Basket.

Our experts recommend focusing on the quality of the management of these networks and their accessibility through the training platform, as this is likely to have a big impact on the engagement of traders in them. . Consequently, each network could be headed by a person who participates in it and who is familiar with the issues, as well as by a person responsible for facilitating and coordinating the discussions. The challenge here will be to reduce the fears of owners, who do not want to feed the competition with their good moves. The anonymization of data sources within a common repository and the presence of moderators for the discussions will therefore be important to ensure that the initiatives do not conflict with the desire to remain competitive and to assert the uniqueness and the authenticity of brands and traders.


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