CodeBoxx Podcast: Samara & Co, local online shopping powered by CodeBoxx ….. in a few weeks!

CodeBoxx Podcast: Samara & Co, local online shopping powered by CodeBoxx ….. in a few weeks!

In this first episode of CodeBoxx podcast, we chat with Catherine Leclerc, Founder and CEO of Samara & Co. This episode is in French, but we will produce English podcasts in the future as well.

With the COVID-19 pandemic raging all over the planet and the significant economic consequences attached to it, it is possible to note a movement which aims to encourage local purchasing. Several initiatives are being put forward, more than ever before. For example, in Quebec, we have only to think of the Le Panier Bleu, this initiative supported by the Quebec government to boost local trade and promote local products and businesses.

Samara & Co: At the forefront of the local buy movement

Catherine Leclerc, founder and CEO of Samara & Co, was at the forefront of these local purchasing initiatives, long before COVID-19. Shopping at Samara & Co is more than just a purchase. It is an action that encourages sustainable consumption and helps the local economy. Samara & Co. brings together only the best Canadian brands that respect the environment. The company takes pride in carefully choosing brands that meet their values. A purchase from Samara & Co is also a great way to give back to others while consuming quality products that respect nature.

The CodeBoxx Digital Workshop: The catalyst of Samara & Co

Like all our other workshop customers, we were able to complete the project thanks to our flexibility, our pragmatism and our prices which respect the customer.

To visit Samara & CoMs website:

List of partners:

  • Fig Clothing
  • Les Industries Groom
  • Nudnik Life
  • Bonnetier
  • Eluo
  • Hub1916

Full episode available below, on Youtube as well as on Spotify.


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