Séverine Delpit: PhD and CodeBoxx graduate !

Séverine Delpit: PhD and CodeBoxx graduate !

At CodeBoxx, we have graduates from all walks of life. This statement is as true for work experience as level of education or age. Many of our articles so far have presented this variety in many ways. The next profile is literally fascinating! Séverine, a graduate of the 2nd cohort, is the holder of nothing less than a doctorate! The story of Séverine illustrates the added value that CodeBoxx can bring to an already very well stocked resume. In addition to all this, it is one more #WomenInTech, a very important mission for CodeBoxx and its director Nadya Fortier. 

Séverine Delpit, October 3, 2019

As far as I can remember, I have always loved everything about science and discoveries. This led me to undertake a university degree in geology and then to specialize in volcanology at the masters and doctoral level. Unfortunately, volcanology is a field of research with very few opportunities and it forced me to reorient myself. Without much conviction, I turned towards administration, easily accessible without starting new studies. But I did not feel it was my place, I was not stimulated enough and I did not bloom.

Parallel to my work, I had started to train myself in web design: during my university studies, I had taken programming classes and I liked the idea of ​​going back to it. So for a while I was caught between a job I was doing for job stability, and another passion that was developing and in which I found this spirit of analysis, research and problem solving that I love so much.

But at 36 years old, I was afraid to start all over again, to fail, to be wrong. I did not have the courage to throw myself into the water, because I did not know precisely at that moment what I really wanted. And then I heard about CodeBoxx, which was exactly what I needed to get over the course: 4 months of training and a job guaranteed upon graduation.

The Bootcamp

CodeBoxx has been an adventure. I did not think I would be able to keep up with the pace, swallow so much information in such a short time, in short, I did not even think I could be successful in the program. I even went through several phases of doubts, going so far as to ask myself if I had my place: but I held good until the end!

CodeBoxx is a big family, quality coaches and a program that allows you to be operational from the moment you enter the job market. Why ? Because even if we still have a lot to learn and sometimes we have difficulties, we do not give up, we know where to find the information and the unknown does not scare us.


Today, I work as a developer analyst at La Capitale and every week that passes is nothing but another CodeBoxx week. I do not regret my choice to trust CodeBoxx which allowed me to access a stimulating and fulfilling work: I am finally at my place.


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