CodeBoxx: A coding bootcamp to train developers of tomorrow!

CodeBoxx: A coding bootcamp to train developers of tomorrow!

To meet the workforce needs in the technology sector, CodeBoxx was born three months ago with a first cohort of 27 students who knew nothing about programming.

Created by Nicolas Genest, Jean-François Fillion and Nadya Fortier, the school is a one of a kind intensive bootcamp. For 14 weeks, students learn the different coding languages ​​that are highly sought after in local businesses, such as Python, JavaScript, and Google’s Go lang.

Students have been selected through the Genesis program. For two weeks, the candidates had to demonstrate their abilities to learn coding, to respond to the various obstacles that would stand in front of them, to work under pressure and quickly and as a team. “At the end of this program, where the requirements are so high, we are able to determine if technologies are a field for them,” said CodeBoxx CEO Nicolas Genest.

And no need to be a geek to apply. “The program was really designed to teach technology to anyone. We have an understanding of learning with brain chemistry, rhythm, and attention skills. With this knowledge, you can teach a 16-year-old dropout as well as a 53-year-old who wants to do something different, “he said.

Throughout the training, students are accompanied by six mentors who are paid only if the students succeed. “This is one of the key elements of the program. It speeds up learning significantly, “he said.

A job guaranteed

To ensure employment for their graduates, the school has created partnerships with four companies in Quebec City, CGI, Covéo, CyberCat and Fungo. These companies have a privileged right of inspection over them to offer them jobs.

Thanks to their accelerated training, graduates will be able to quickly integrate a development team. “They will be able to code, implement a website, build an information system or talk to an artificial intelligence like Alexa or Google Home,” said Genest. “Half of the program meets the needs of the market and the other half is the future. They are taught to be forward-thinking and ahead of the curve, “he continued.

Those who will not be chosen by any of the four companies are also assured of having a job. “CodeBoxx offers them a job. We have a project agency and we will offer them work experience. ”

To enter the school, students must give a $ 2000 security deposit which is refunded with graduation.

When they find a job, they must pay 20% of their annual salary to CodeBoxx within six months of being hired. The school is also remunerated with business placement fees if they choose a candidate.

CodeBoxx also called for help to open more classes, make the program accessible from a distance and bring the program to other regions of Quebec.

SOURCE: CÉLINE FABRIÈS, Le Soleil, November 28, 2018,



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