From trucking to IT : the beginning of a new life at Coveo

Antonine Yaccarini article published on March 4, 2019 for the Coveo website.

If I had asked Steve Collard to tell us how he went to Coveo, he could almost have answered “in a truck”. From 2003 to 2018, he was a trucker, just as his father had been before him. On the occasion of his Onboarding – three intensive days of integrating new Coveo employees into our Quebec City offices – I wanted to ask him how he became a technical support specialist.

On the road

Young, Steve Collard was already interested in IT “It was the beginnings of the Internet. Several friends registered in computer science but I did not really like school. I opted for a four-month course to become a trucker. […] But when someone needed help with his computer, it was always me that we would see! Explains the 37-year-old man.

He has worked in the field of food transportation, but it is mainly with Truck’N Roll, a company that transports touring equipment for bands and musicians, that he has spent most of his career. This career led him to travel across North America, from Texas to British Columbia, to the Great Lakes and California.

During those years, he has contributed to many major North American tours. Long days and sleepless nights are part of the daily lot of tour truck drivers. Although he left home from 300 to 320 days a year, he loves his profession: “You see a lot of places, you meet lots of people,” says Steve. His favorite city? “Denver and San Francisco, tied.”

His employer was growing, he quickly progressed and he became leader after only one year within the company. “I was watching the person in charge. I wanted to improve myself, “explains Steve.

The code call

While listening to Nicolas Genest, CEO and founder of CodeBoxx, talk about his radio programming bootcamp project that Steve began to want to change his life. CodeBoxx was intended as an intensive school aimed at teaching different programming languages ​​to non-professionals for 14 weeks.

But to do that, the father of two had to put money aside to quit his job, rent a place in Quebec for four months, and still contribute to his family’s needs.

He has received the unconditional support of people around him, especially from his girlfriend, who encourages him in everything he undertakes. “If it was not her, I could never have started this adventure. She never put any pressure on me, she never made me feel bad about being away from home, as much at the time of touring as it was with CodeBoxx, “he says.

Make the jump

In the spring of 2018, it is announced that the school will be launched during the year and Steve learns that it is admitted. “It was very clear with my employer that as soon as CodeBoxx started, I left my job,” says Steve. “I did not expect anything really. I said to myself: I’m going and we’ll see! I will do as much as possible.

It is therefore in autumn 2018 that the first cohort of CodeBoxx begins its session. In his truck career, Steve was comfortable, his skill was recognized. By registering, he returned straight down the ladder. The bootcamp is proving quite difficult at times. He tells me he has almost quit at least twice. “We feel a little” pitched “in there! We push you to do stuff, and often you have no idea how to do it. And obviously, you compare yourself to others. ”

I ask him how he overcame these difficulties. He answers me: “I never let anything go. I told myself that I would continue, go all the way and it will give what it will give! “.

Upon entering the Coveo hiring process, he realized he was not out of trouble! Because to be hired, you have to pass a technical test. And since our mantra is “if it was easy, someone else would have done it”, you know that the test has a good level of difficulty. “I wondered if I was going to be able. I had other offers, but it was really Coveo that interested me the most? ”

“When I was hired, I learned that I had to come another month to Quebec! Fortunately my blonde is understanding, “he says. “During CodeBoxx, I went home only three times in four months,” he added.

Living the #CoveoLife!

Having joined Coveo in January 2019, he has not yet had the time to truly tour his new work environment. But to date, he appreciates the team and the atmosphere. To illustrate his point, he gives me the example of Donuts – At Coveo, when you do not lock your computer screen, someone writes


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