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Keyrus becomes partner of CodeBoxx!

Training and learning showcased by the new partnership between Codeboxx and Keyrus

Montreal, January 23rd, 2020: In the continuity of its academic involvement, Keyrus is proud to partner with Codeboxx. This school of technology offers an accelerated training program for IT professions. With a brand new campus opening in Montreal, it is quite naturally that Keyrus and Codeboxx have entered into a partnership aimed at training and integrating graduates into the job market.

Coaching and training

With the enthusiasm for the tech sector, several people want to develop their skills and competencies in this field . Thanks to its 16-week alternative training course, Codeboxx allows its participants to discover and master several languages such as Python, HTLM or Javasript. A total of 14 training themes are discovered.

Keyrus will put its expertise to good use through its experienced professionals who will act as coaches throughout the 16 weeks of the bootcamp. Among the first to be involved in the journey, Philippe Motillon, Partnerships Director, has been working for more than 25 years in Business Intelligence. Antoine Deblonde, IA and Cloud Specialist, has accumulated more than 8 years of experience in Data Science. Let’s bet that the participants of the first Montreal cohort starting on January 27th will learn as much from their skills as from their experience!


In a context of labor shortage, companies and training centers must work together more than ever.

“CodeBoxx trains versatile and operational technology workers that know how to respond from day one to the current needs of the market. Our graduates quickly make a difference within the teams they integrate. Since the beginning of our cohorts, the placement rate of our graduates has been close to 100% and it is their values and state of mind that are greatly appreciated in addition to their skills” says Nicolas Genest, CEO and Founder of CodeBoxx.

Nadya Fortier, COO and Founder of CodeBoxx agreed: “We couldn’t have asked for a better partner than Keyrus to give a solid foundation for our Montreal campus from the outset. The magic of our concept comes when our unique training is delivered by seasoned coaches who have field experience and know how to show participants what matters in our profession in terms of best practices and tools. We see the partnership with Keyrus as a real validation of our approach”.

The new collaboration between Codeboxx and Keyrus will allow a more efficient integration of graduates on the Canadian market.

“A training that combine practice and theory is absolutely essential in the evolving field of new technologies. Sharing the experience of seasoned professionals to students in career change brings depth of analysis appreciated by our clients” adds Romuald Rieh, General Manager of Keyrus Canada.

This is the beginning of a great adventure between Keyrus and CodeBoxx!



CodeBoxx is an ultra-accelerated school of technology that has since proven itself as a pragmatic solution to the labor shortage affecting the technology sector. The school trains participants from all walks of life in the technology business and makes them operational so that they are ready on day 1 of their new job.


The results speak for themselves:

  • 7 “Elite” partner companies
  • 63 graduates
  • 4 cohorts completed in Quebec City
  • A new campus in Montreal starting January 27th, 2020
  • More than 750 registrations
  • Technical skills of graduates meeting Google standards
  • Customers across North America
  • 8 active projects

The proprietary program that immerses participants in the heart of a fictional business focuses on technical and non-technical skills. In addition to the many topics that participants are introduced to each week, special attention is paid to “soft skills”. A personalized educational approach based on rhythm, collaboration and merit is used in order to reproduce the business environment that awaits our graduates.


Keyrus, value creator in the Data and Digital age

An international actor specializing in Data and Digital technologies, Keyrus’ mission is to help

companies benefit from Data and Digital paradigm in order to increase performance, facilitate and

accelerate transformation, generate new levers of growth, competitiveness, and longevity.

Placing innovation at the heart of its strategy, Keyrus develops value propositions that are unique in the

market around an innovative offer that relies on expertise in three major and convergent disciplines:

  • Data Intelligence:

Data Science – Big Data Analytics – Business Intelligence – EIM – CPM/EPM

  • Digital Experience:

Innovation & Digital Strategies – Digital & CRM Marketing – E-Commerce – Digital Performance –User Experience

  • Management & Transformation Consultation:

Strategies & Innovation – Digital Transformation – Performance Management – Project support

Present in 18 countries and on 4 continents, Keyrus Group employ’s 3,500 collaborators.


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