1 week before the grand opening of CodeBoxx in Montreal!

Monday January 20th, 2020

It is in exactly 1 week, next Monday January 27th, 2020 that the first cohort of CodeBoxx’s brand new Montreal campus will open! We are extremely excited as we approach this important stage in the young history of CodeBoxx. Not only will we welcome dozens of new candidates, but we will also have the opportunity to unveil our new premises in the metropolis, which are simply fabulous!

Quebec Campus: The largest cohort since our beginnings!

The day after the launch in Montreal, Tuesday, January 28th, in Quebec, we will launch already the 5th cohort of this campus which has produced all of our 63 graduates so far. This cohort will be our largest since our beginnings, as the Quebec campus is running at full steam!

Major announcement this week, stay tuned!

We will also be making a major announcement this week regarding the Montreal campus. We don’t tell you more, stay tuned this week!


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