The enrollment process for the first 2 simultaneous cohorts of January is launched !

As you probably already know, CodeBoxx will launch a new Montreal campus in a few months, with the first cohort launching on Monday January 27th. With the 5th cohort in Quebec City that will begin the next day Tuesday January 28th, it will be the first simultaneous cohorts in the history of CodeBoxx !!

In anticipation of these, we started the enrollment process a few weeks ago with the first wave of registrations. As a reminder, the enrollment process contains 3 distinct steps and they are all mandatory, but can not disqualify any registrant. In other words, if you complete the 3 steps, you will have your place in the cohort.

These steps are: A series of 3 quizzes to complete, 2 contracts to sign and the payment of the 100% refundable security deposit of $2000. It is important to note that preparatory exercises are mandatory and are released upon payment of the security deposit.

This is an important milestone for the entire CodeBoxx team that has just been launched and the coming weeks will be very exciting with many upcoming announcements that will touch on a variety of topics.

CodeBoxx, it’s just getting started!


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