Can I do the program part-time?

No, it is not possible to take the program part-time at our existing campuses. The CodeBoxx program is far too demanding to hope for success by not being 100% dedicated to the program for 16 weeks. The candidates who didn’t believe us and tried the experiment all failed. In addition, it is strongly recommended not to hold a job during the training, otherwise failure awaits you. It is not impossible to pass the training and have a job at the same time, but under very specific conditions: a handful of hours, on weekends only.
In addition, an online “at your own pace” type program will be launched in 2021. Stay tuned!

When do cohorts start?

For all our active campuses, we generally start cohorts in January, May and September of every year.

The next cohorts will start on January 24th 2022 for our Montreal, Quebec City, St. Petersburg and Online campuses.

Do I get a recognized diploma at the end of the program?

Upon graduation, you get CodeBoxx’s very own diploma and, most importantly, you get a job! Our program is not recognized by Canadian Education Ministries or US Accreditation agencies , it is recognized by the market and the employers that hire our grads and that’s what matters to us. We want our graduates to get jobs, period. One of our mottos is “Skills over Education” and most tech companies have the same approach to solve the critical labor shortage that is affecting the industry. Actually, signs that times are changing, even the US Government has committed to favor Skills over Education for its federal hirings going forward. More details in this article: https://codeboxx.biz/article/2265

How many candidates make it to the Odyssey program after the 2-week Genesis Selection program?

It varies from cohort to cohort, but the general average has always been between 60 and 70% of the Genesis starters that make it to the Odyssey program. Some don’t make it because they fail to reach the minimum points necessary to succeed, but some other don’t make it because they decide technology is not for them even with a successful Genesis program. The most important thing for us is that we give everyone a shot and it doesn’t cost them anything if they leave after the 2 weeks, whatever the reason.

What are the prerequisites?

None! At CodeBoxx, we accept everyone! A registration reserves you a seat in the cohort and the enrollment process, although mandatory, is not disqualifying. The Genesis program, lasting 2 weeks, acts as the selection test. More details in the following article: CodeBoxx: How it works

What does a typical day at CodeBoxx look like?

At CodeBoxx, the days follow each other but are not alike! The immersive context of the program combined to its heavy workload makes every day, and every week different. Certainly, the majority of participants need at least 50 hours to submit a quality deliverable each week. More details in the following article: https://codeboxx.biz/article/1155

Where can I register?

You can register by following the link below to the registration form: http://codeboxx.biz/en/#apply-now

Where are you located?

We have campuses in Montreal and Quebec City, QC, Canada and St. Petersburg, FL, Philadelphia Online, PA USA; plus we also have an Online Campus to offer our program to anyone in the world!
Moreover, we have a very ambitious expansion plan for the upcoming months and years that will see us open new locations across North America.

Do you accept new students?

Absolutely! Registrations for upcoming cohorts are open for all our campuses. In the registration form, when you choose your campus, you will be given different cohort options that you must choose. Here is the link to the registration form: http://codeboxx.biz/#apply-now

What is the enrollment process following a registration?

The enrollment process is mandatory and very important. You should aim to start it as soon as it’s launched by our team. You will find all the details regarding the process from registration to graduation in the following article: CodeBoxx: How it works

How much does it cost?

At CodeBoxx, you do not pay tuition fees until you are hired! Once you are hired, your tuition fees are calculated using a percentage(20%) of your first year gross salary. Once that amount is calculated, it is fixed, and you have 6 months without interest to repay it. You may also reimburse it on a longer period by contracting a personal loan with our partner financial institution. More details in the following article: CodeBoxx: How it works

CodeBoxx Online Campus: Everything you need to know

The launch of our online campus is an additional option for many people. Going forward, people who reside in certain places where we do not have a physical campus can access our training. Some other people who live in the cities where we are but who would not like to do the in-person training will have the opportunity to take the training online. This online campus offers the exact same program and support, but as some conditions differ from our regular campuses, we wanted to clarify some elements.

Here are the most frequently asked questions about the online campus:

Is the program different from in-person cohorts?

The program, the support offered to participants by our team and coaches and the concept are exactly the same. In its current form, the pace is also the same: it is not a self-paced program, it is a full-time program. Another version of the program to be released later in 2021 will allow applicants to run it at their own pace.

Cohorts in physical campuses allow participants to pay only when they get their jobs, is that still valid?

Yes and no. The final answer depends on several factors as we are offering deferred tuition fees to some online campus applicants as well. That said, we cannot apply the same promises we make to graduates of our physical cohorts to all online campus participants. If you live in one of the cities where we are established, but wish to take the online training, you will certainly be eligible for deferred tuition fees. Once registered, you must apply through the CodeBoxx portal to validate your eligibility. An assessment of your eligibility will be made by our team and an answer will be provided to you afterwards. In addition, financing is available for all applicants. In the event that you are not eligible, the tuition fee will be $ 10,000 and payable before the start of the training.

How much does it cost?

Please refer to the previous point first. If you are not eligible for deferred tuition fees, the cost is $ 10,000, payable before the start of the program.

Is financing available?

Financing is available through our partner Desjardins. You can access a loan quickly to pay off your expenses over a period of several months.

What is the refund policy?

The reimbursement policy only intervenes if there is written proof from a doctor justifying the impossibility of continuing the training. If this criterion is checked, here is the refund policy:

  • If you have completed Genesis and 2 weeks or less of the Odyssey program, you are eligible for a full refund.
  • If you have completed the Genesis program and up to 6 weeks of the Odyssey program, you are entitled to a 50% tuition refund.
  • If you have completed the Genesis program and completed more than 6 weeks of the Odyssey program, you are not eligible for a refund.

Can I still borrow a laptop?

No. We do not offer the device loan program to online program participants.

Am I still eligible to be part of the CodeBoxx community?

Absolutely yes! You benefit from perpetual access to the CodeBoxx community to properly manage your career success!

If you have any questions, write to us at [email protected].

A typical day in the life of a CodeBoxx participant!

Many of our articles so far have been based on questions that we receive repeatedly from registrants, interested people or simply curious people. It is an important decision in the life of a participant and we want to be as transparent as possible to enable people to make an informed decision.

This article is intended to answer some frequently asked questions: What does a typical day look like for a CodeBoxx participant?

The Genesis program, which lasts 2 weeks, is used to find out if the participants have what it takes to go to the 14-week Odyssey program, but also to validate their interest in technologies. Everything starts on the opening day with the welcome conference, followed by the assignment to a coach, the loan of the devices, the configuration of the tools and finally the presentation of the deliverable due at the end of Genesis. Subsequently, the students spend the 2 intensive weeks of the program on their project, making sure to respect the requirements to submit their project on the Friday of the 2nd week.

For Odyssey, there is a different theme each week, and therefore a different deliverable to deliver each Friday. Monday around 8 am AM is the moment we gather and we launch the week. Our CTO chats with the group for a few minutes to review the previous week and give the rankings. Coaches and the Executive Director can also take the opportunity to address some things to participants and answer questions if they have any. We then launch the week to come by announcing the theme of the week, sharing the document of the deliverables required by the “client” to the participants and sharing at the same time the introductory video that deals with the theme of the week from all angles and gives an overview of what participants have to accomplish during that week. Participants then start, alone or in teams depending on the week, the construction of their plan of attack to meet all the requests of the “client”. Some weeks will be more focused on execution while other weeks will require more in-depth reflexion before doing any task.

Friday is often a very busy day for participants depending on the progress of their project as the deadline approaches and the stress of the deadline begins to be felt. Each participant must be certain that the customer is fully satisfied with what he has requested and must even make the deliverable with certain “extras” that he did not necessarily request.

So that’s what the days at CodeBoxx look like. In conclusion, it is difficult to show in this text the heavy workload that participants face each week, but we want to remind that very few participants spend less than 50-60h per week in the “classroom” to arrive to deliver the quality necessary to succeed. It is therefore essential to be 100% dedicated to the bootcamp. Levels of commitment, effort and attitude are key indicators of success at CodeBoxx.


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