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Who is the program for?

This program is for anyone who has some experience or has already completed training in computer science, web development or a related field and wishes to acquire concrete tools to work in the field of cybersecurity. This program will be of interest to those who are called upon to administer computer and technological systems and who must make decisions about the best organizational practices to put in place.

  • Develop on PC or MAC (your choice)

    system requirements


    • Intel Core i7 or i9 processor
    • Minimum of 16 GO of RAM
    • Hard drive with a minimum of 500 Gb and 250 Gb available
    • Windows 10 64 bits
    • At least one available USB 3.0 port
    • Available WiFi interface
  • Technology used: Kali Linux, Parrot OS, CommandoVM
  • Tools used: Wireshark, Nmap, Burp suite, Metasploit, Nikto, and many others
Begin your RECON with the cybersecurity bootcamp to protect the digital future.



Administrative Technique and Architecture

  • Windows and Linux strengthening
  • Networking and security
  • Risk analysis

Cyber attack and defense

  • Cloud security
  • Virtualization
  • Penetration tests

Security analysis

  • Threat hunt
  • Cryptography
  • Vulnerability assessment

How Codeboxx


How Codeboxx Works

Please note that in order to complete your registration you will have to pay administration fees to the amount of: CAD40

The first step to register with the Cybersecurity Program is to complete the registration form on our website. Please note: You read that correctly, this is a registration form, not a request for information. If you have any questions, make sure all of them are answered before completing the form. To find answers to your questions, you can read the following article in full, visit the FAQ section of the website, or write to us on social media or by email at [email protected].

The first thing you will do is to create your profile in our portal. Please refer to the FAQ section of our website to understand all the differences between online and on-campus.

Following the creation of your profile in our portal and your choice of cohort having been registered, your place is now reserved, but it must still be confirmed. You will confirm your seat through the enrollment process detailed below. No disqualification is possible during the completion of these steps, but they must all be completed without exception.

Step # 1: The quizzes

  • The first step contains quizzes to complete that will help us gather information about your personality and your knowledge base.
  • It is important to remember again that at no time can these tests disqualify you in any way, but are mandatory.

Step # 2: The exercises

  • You are now in the general admission option of enrollment. Please note that you will be able to complete this step or all the others mentioned below in the order of your choice.
  • The goal of this step is for you to assert that you have the necessary knowledge to start the program, before completing the whole enrollment process. The test will cover different subjects, and we estimate that the candidate should at least be familiar with all of them.
  • Motivation, determination and perseverance are 3 very important qualities at CodeBoxx. Despite the fact that the exercises cannot be failed, we expect all candidates to go through the whole test and do their best to find all the answers.

Step # 3: The contract

  • The contract will be sent to you automatically by email after the quizzes.
  • This contract defines the agreement that we will have together before, during and after the successful completion of your training.
  • We use DocuSign and everything is done electronically.
  • Once signed by the candidate, the contract will be sent to CodeBoxx and when completed by our manager, a copy will be sent to you, which will allow you to proceed to the next step if your exercises have been completed.


  • You will have to schedule an interview with us through our booking system in the CodeBoxx portal.
  • This session is intended as an opportunity to reiterate the requirements of the coding bootcamp and to detail what awaits the students, as well as what is expected from them before the start of the coding bootcamp. This is also when we do one last validation of your background and experience.

Step # 5: The Payment

  • Whenever you want after the quiz, you will be able to pay your tuition fees of CAD6995
  • You will have the option to pay your tuition fees in 3 installments, or to do it all at once while benefiting from a 15% discount. The amounts and dates of those payments will be detailed in our portal while you complete the process.
  • With the payment completed and the contract signed, you are now officially registered for the cohort and you are committed to focus only on the program for it's whole duration.
  • While this program is delivered online, you are more than welcome to come work in one of our facilities (Quebec and Montreal). Feel free to contact us if you need any details.

You can consult the different sections of the portal to know the status of each step and to know where you are. We will provide you with more prep material and resources as well.

Offered by day as an intensive Bootcamp, the program consists of a series of deliverables and assignments in which learners are encouraged above all to collaborate with their peers to succeed and progress. One-off support by experienced specialists and trainers throughout their learning journey will also be offered. This approach further encourages collaboration between learners who are required to resolve complex situations among themselves and independently before resorting to experts.

The main collaborative work platforms recognized in the Web sector such as Slack, M365 and Discord will be used throughout the learning process.

For the learner, a weekly effort of about 40 hours will be necessary to achieve the skills targeted by the program. The human resources that will support the participants in their journey will, for their part, be available about twenty hours per week. This gap is a testament to the importance placed on collaboration between participants and peer learning.

More specifically, the program aims to acquire the following skills:

  • Analyze common cybersecurity threats, vulnerabilities and risks;
  • Perform security tests and ethically hack systems, applications and websites;
  • Develop and implement security and risk management strategies;
  • Deploy cloud services and reduce attack vectors;
  • Administer IT systems in a multi-user environment and implement security and risk management strategies;
  • Ensure continuous monitoring of security systems and intrusion methods;
  • Develop and implement security and risk management strategies.

With a duration of about 350 hours and divided into 11 modules (6 thematic blocks), this technical and practical training will put the learner at the heart of a series of workshops and a multitude of immersive projects, allowing him to quickly apply the new concepts taught.

Throughout the training, each week, you accumulate points which gives you a rank in the weekly power ranking. These points are accumulated on the basis of your deliverables, but also on your soft skills as mentioned in the previous paragraph. A minimum threshold of points must be reached to graduate from the Cybersecurity program.

Upon graduation, you will have access to our placement service that will help you officially start your new career in cybersecurity. Whether it is with one of our official partners or not, we are here to make sure that you can find a suitable environment for you to continue your learning, and make a difference.

CodeBoxx is above all a community that we are establishing across North America. A movement of pragmatism in the face of tensions in the labor market as well as an alternative to counter school dropout and promote the integration of immigrants. When you are a CodeBoxx, you are for life. You can come back to school at any time to ask for a hand with a task where you are stuck, to get support when faced with a new challenge or to come and help us train new graduates. The CodeBoxx community will be a vibrant one and always there to help you at all stages of your career. Our philosophy goes well beyond the bootcamp: CodeBoxx one day, CodeBoxx always.




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Upcoming Cohorts

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