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1st cohort of CodeBoxx graduates: A well-proven concept!

Saturday, May 4, 2019


On April 15, 2018, Nicolas Genest, founder and CEO of CodeBoxx, hired our general manager, Nadya Fortier. A year later, we are a few weeks away from the end of our second cohort, which will end on May 17th. With these first two cohorts, not only are we approaching the symbolic figure of the 50 graduates, but we have also seen that the concept of our school works more than ever! The purpose of this post is to give some facts about our first cohort!

Here are the types of profiles that were part of this first successful cohort:

24 graduating students
Ages ranging from 17 to 53 years old
4 graduates had university experience
8 graduates with a vocational school diploma
4 graduates had a high school diploma or less
8 students had a college diploma or technique
16 participants had never touched the programming of their lives

Now here are some highlights from our first cohort that ended the program on December 21st:

Average starting salary of $49,000 / year, placing our graduates among the top third of the richest people in the province #QualityRelationships
Variety of positions, product specialist, junior developer, research and development, etc.
Up to 4 job offers received by our graduates

Like any self-respecting program, we are constantly on the lookout for improvements to the program. This is also the reason why following the first cohort, we made slight changes that yielded big as for example, better prepared participants via mandatory preparatory exercises, or a consolidation of compulsory learning from the week 8. These adjustments allow us to expect even better from this 2nd cohort very talented. Stay tuned for the latest developments by subscribing to our social media pages.

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Twitter: @codeboxx


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