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CodeBoxx celebrates its 2nd anniversary !!

August 27th, 2020

CodeBoxx is very proud to celebrate its second anniversary today! Yes, already 2 years you might say, but it was 2 exceptional years! In just 2 years, CodeBoxx and its team’s list of accomplishments is frankly impressive. Not only has the ultra-accelerated technology program established itself as a proven solution to the problem of labor shortage in the tech industry, but CodeBoxx’s Digital Workshop, often a little less known to the general public, presents phenomenal figures! CodeBoxx’s Digital Workshop effectively reached the magic number of $ 1 million in contracts and projects at the end of 2019, while 6 months later, this figure rose to 2 million. When we know that the vast majority of young companies will never reach this level of income in all their years of operation, it is even more spectacular! All of this makes CodeBoxx one of the best kept secrets in America and here are some facts and statistics to prove it.

Accelerated Technology Program

  • Nearly 100 graduates
  • Starting salary for graduates ranging between $ 42,000 and $ 67,000
  • 56% of graduates had no previous programming experience before CodeBoxx
  • 69% of graduates have no university experience
  • 74% of graduates are aged 16 to 35
  • 8 major partners
  • 2 campuses in Canada
  • An aggressive expansion plan for North America and a 1st US campus in Tampa Bay in 2021

CodeBoxx’s Digital Workshop

  • More than 30 clients and / or contracts completed or in progress
  • Over $ 2 million in revenue
  • More than 30 developers who continue their skills development supervised by a team of experienced seniors
  • Major role as exclusive IT supplier for Lucky Brand, a company that participated in one of the fastest exits from bankruptcy in US history

The chronology of events

Also, to add a dose of realism and to really take the measure of the team’s accomplishments in such a short period of time, we want to take you back to the timeline of events from the launch to today.

September 2017: Registration of the first participant on the website for the first cohort

March 2018: Official announcement of the launch of the first cohort on August 27th, 2018

April 2018: Official hiring of CodeBoxx’s COO, Nadya Fortier.

June 2018: Choice of premises and signature of the lease to establish the first CodeBoxx campus in the Vision complex in Quebec.

July 2018: Official announcement of the 6 coaches of the Quebec campus AND conclusion of the agreement with the 5th partner company.

August 27th, 2018: Launch of the very first cohort in CodeBoxx’s history in Quebec. More than thirty participants then embarked on the first Genesis program ever.

January 2019: The first cohort is a success. The proof of concept is established.

June 2019: After instant success with its Quebec campus and less than a year after launch, CodeBoxx announces the expansion of a new campus in the Montreal metropolitan area.

May 2019: The CodeBoxx Digital Workshop reaches 10 developers active on its projects.

September 2019: Already more than 50 CodeBoxx graduates

December 2019: CodeBoxx’s Digital Workshop reaches one million dollars in contracts completed or in progress.

January 2020: Launch of the very first Montreal cohort of CodeBoxx and the first simultaneous cohorts ever.

February 2020: CodeBoxx’s Digital Workshop surpasses 30 clients with projects completed or in progress.

May 2020: CodeBoxx’s Digital Workshop reaches 20 developers active on its projects.

July 2020: CodeBoxx’s Digital Workshop now surpasses $ 2 million in contracts completed or in progress.

August 2020: Start of the 9th and 10th cohorts in the history of CodeBoxx, almost 2 years to the day after the start of the first cohort.



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