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Serge Full-Stack Developer at Boxx Solutions

Software engineer, 24 years of experience in software development and looking forward with enthusiasm. Strong background with test driven development and related technologies.

Thomas Coach, Junior Developer in Boxx Solutions

Graduate of the 4th cohort and now a full-time programmer for CodeBoxx, I am very proud to be able to share the knowledge and values I have learned at CodeBoxx and to allow people to find a new passion in technology!

Kiril Coach, Junior Developer in Boxx Solutions

Graduate of the first Montreal cohort, I am excited to help those who decide to embark on this journey. As someone who made the transition from an intensive labor job, I understand the difficulties and obstacles beginners in this field might have.

Nicolas P.
Nicolas P. Full-Stack Developer at Boxx Solutions

Marie-Eve Apprentice Coach, Junior Developer in Boxx Solutions

Graduated from the winter 2021 cohort, I am now a member of the Codeboxx team as a developer and apprentice coach. With my experience in the field of food and management, IT has always been my greatest strength. It is a pleasure for me to accompany the students towards their new career in technology.

Emanuella Coach, Junior Developer in Boxx Solutions

Graduate of 3rd Montreal Cohort, I am very excited to help and support new students coming into the field of technology. Having made this transition with no prior tech experience, I understand the struggles and want to participate in ensuring that every participant gets the best possible experience with us.

Perry Apprentice Coach, Junior Developer in Boxx Solutions

A top graduate from CodeBoxx, now making an impact using the tools learnt. Providing value, perspective, and insight with a history that weaves through start-ups, real estate deals, and restaurant management. Passing along the teachings provided to new waves of students by way of coaching. Web3 along with decentralized technologies are quite interesting.

Francis Head Coach, Junior Developer in Boxx Solutions

Self-taught programmer with an ever growing passion for anything computer-related, I joined CodeBoxx and the Montreal campus team in 2021 with a background in computer science and intervention. Currently helping students from all kind of backgrounds achieve their goals and join the industry.

Abdul Head Coach, Junior Developer in Boxx Solutions

After working in the hospitality and entertainment industries for 10 years I graduated CodeBoxx in April 2020. One of my strengths is Teaching and explaining complex ideas to potential graduates. In my free time I learn new technologies and create a new personal project every month.

Timothy Coach, Junior Developer in Boxx Solutions

Started out in life as a welder, but was always interested in tech. Decided to make the move and joined the CodeBoxx course in early 2021. Since been hired as a Coach at the new campus in Tampa, FL USA, and haven't looked back. Always eager to learn as much as possible with developing while helping others become everything I know they can be.

Our Amazing Team

Félix-Antoine Chief Technology Officer

Autodidact. Passionate about Javascript, Go and DevOps. Creator of the Henri JS Framework and LN early adopter.

Rémi Chief Digital Officer

I am the CEO of Fungo Group Inc since 2013. I am a system architect, an application developer for the last 24 years.

Martin Human Resources Coordinator

Graduate of the 2nd cohort, I’m now full stack human coordinator for CodeBoxx! I have experience in this field from my previous jobs and now I have the chance to combine HR and technology and give back to CodeBoxx and its participants.

Brigitte Director of Venture and Partnerships Development

With my Business development background in a different market, I was fortunate to meet Codeboxx on my path. A career re-orientation has been necessary in my course and Codeboxx was offering me the opportunity to develop very diversified fields and promote noble causes in a flexible and bold technological environment. I am proud to be part of the team and to contribute to it’s success.

Mathieu H.
Mathieu H. Chief Program Officer

Former student of the inaugural cohort and now a full-time programmer, I am very proud to be able to take advantage of all my years of teaching to guide CodeBoxx's new students into changing their lives, as I have changed mine.

Patrick Campus Director

Graduated from the inaugural cohort, then has a developer for the Boxx Solutions division, I'm now Director of Montreal Campus. I have the opportunity to follow new participants achieving their goals to become developers and entering the IT industry.

David A.
David A. Campus Director

Having graduated in the winter cohort of 2020, I am an enthusiast junior developer that's always ready to learn! I've been using computers for the last 20 years of my life, loving every concept of it and I've acquired a lot of experience overall. Codeboxx having changed my life for the better, I want to be able to help others to give the best learning experience!

Tim Campus Director

I have a passion for education, communication and outreach, and as campus director of our St.Petersburg cohort I get to do all three! CodeBoxx strives to be hyperlocal in the communities we serve and I take that ideal to heart, by interacting with our community on behalf of CodeBoxx to find students, as well as partners for our successful graduates.

Senior Executives

Nicolas Founder and President

Nicolas Genest has been Chief Technology Officer of Modcloth and orchestrated the rebirth of the brand alongside a renewed executive team in 2016. The re-platformed retailer was then acquired by and Nicolas secured the transition.

As CTO of The RealReal from 2013 to 2016, he turned around their entire technology platform and re-ignited growth by transitioning them out of an outsourced technology model. He has also officiated as CTO of the European leader vente-privé in Paris, inventor of the Flash Sales model, where he later also launched their American joint venture with American Express in 2011. Under his tenure the highly profitable pioneer of Flash Sales grew from 170M to 1.2B Euros from 2007 to 2012.

Previously, Nicolas was at Microsoft as a Business Intelligence and Platform Engineer where he worked on Database, BI and .Net development technologies. He also served at Pfizer as Project Manager leading a team of developers producing critical web-based intranet applications.

  • 15 years of experience managing technology in all kinds of industries, contexts and cultures in Canada, France and the United States.
  • Successful in small and huge projects within small constrained structures or heavy and complex organizations. Experienced in local, off-shore, near-shore and split-team projects.
  • Strong track record at building and empowering extraordinary teams leading them to delivering long lasting value within a powerful culture.
  • Successful in managing annual IT budgets ranging from $1MM to $25MM and in managing teams of 15 or 120 collaborators.
  • Engineering for Major-league E-Commerce (Heavy traffic, high-availability, Security) with solutions generating yearly revenue over 1B$ and handling 2.5 million unique daily visitors.
  • End to End Business Intelligence Solutions, Advanced Decision-making on Big Data.
  • Sustained Startup Rhythm by leveraging cloud-based technologies.

Nadya CoFounder - Chief Operating Officer

As a professional, I am now dedicated to the digital industry. Realize and lead a school to change the way we learn. Train on skills in demand and advocate for accountability. Connect talented people and companies and follow the participants in their application for integration into the job market. What motivates me; open horizons, be an alternative and help change lives.

Meg CoFounder - Chief Strategy Officer at CodeBoxx

Curiosity, Courage, Clarity, and Commitment - core values for crafting success

Meg leverages over 20 years of firsthand leadership, executive management and corporate legal experience to provide holistic strategic business guidance and creative solutions to growing businesses.

A New York native, Meg has held key leadership roles in a variety of cross-cultural global corporate and entrepreneurial settings in the US, UK, India, Sweden and the Philippines. Curiosity and an innate ability to recognize the opportunities evolving technologies generate are the foundation for her impressive career trajectory from Equity Partner – Morgan Lewis to start-up Strategy Executive, Deputy General Counsel – Orange Business Services, General Counsel – GSMA, to Founder of Frame Advisory, a growth strategy consultancy.

Meg founded Frame Advisory with the express intention of helping start-up founders and entrepreneurs “break out of the boxes” that may limit or constrain them by synthesizing her passion for the disruptive and democratizing power of evolving technology with her business acumen, legal knowledge and global management experience.

At every stage of a business, two questions continually arise for a leader- What now? What’s Next? With substantial empirical and operational experience negotiating financing transactions and strategic partnerships, investor and board communications, Meg is adept at helping growing companies develop strategies, create internal processes to avoid the brand reputation and corporate governance mistakes that can complicate fundraising and adversely impact valuation. Meg understands how to practically balance legal compliance with business realities to effectively manage risk.

Her “secret sauce” _is incisive focus, prescient insight, ability to forge alliances and convert doubters to believers by finding the right combination of tools to communicate effectively with C-suite executives, investors, corporate boards and team members alike.


Codeboxx Technology Corporation

Bond Fashion Corporation

Warrior Centric Health, Inc.

Andium, Inc

Africa Mobile Networks Ltd

Mentimeter AB

RxMatch Inc./Spinezone


Meg served on the inaugural Board of Directors of Africa Mobile Networks, Ltd; and Mentimeter AB. Meg currently serves on the Board of Codeboxx, Bond Fashion Corporation and the Advisory Board of Warrior Centric Health LLC.

Angela Vice-President of Sales and Partnerships

Technology sales & marketing leader with over 20 years of strategic partnership & business development experience, specializing in Fin-Tech, Travel and Retail sectors. 15 year Google Alumni managing portfolio's of $200M+ with proven track record for building transformational customer relationships & impactful long term sales strategies that result in sustained growth. Former semi-professional tennis player, 4-Time All American and Pepperdine Tennis Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Alain Vice-President Training & Outcomes

Having started a laboratory equipment business in 2002, I learned the nuts and bolts of business at a very young age. Following the sale of my company, the new owners used my business development experience in the London office for 9 years where I was responsible for market growth in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

I got to know CodeBoxx on a very personal level seeing my son in the program two years ago. I was so impressed with the concept and the place given to the human side in this business that I decided to join the adventure and allow other parents to have the same experience. CodeBoxx changes lives.


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