CodeBoxx opens the registrations for a new campus in Tampa Bay, FL!

CodeBoxx opens the registrations for a new campus in Tampa Bay, FL!

CodeBoxx, the technology school that offers an ultra-accelerated 16-week bootcamp to train people from all walks of life and help them launch their career in technology is pleased to open the registrations for a new campus in the greater Tampa Bay Area. This is the first step towards the opening of a new campus in the upcoming months. The organization, which is well established in Canada, wants to bring its unique concept in the USA and has identified Tampa as the first market it wants to expand to. We are lucky to count on the support of multiple local actors such as Tampa Bay Economic Development Council, Tampa Bay Tech, Career Source Tampa Bay and many others. We are working with the local community to make it happen!

The choice to launch a US expansion was made conscientiously by Nicolas Genest, CEO and founder of CodeBoxx: “We very quickly demonstrated with our first campuses that our concept delivers the value promised in markets representing varied characteristics. The opportunities we have created for participants in the technology community have already allowed many individuals to launch their careers when without us, it would have not been possible. The success of nearly 100 graduates in such a short time is so obvious that we are set to grow and expand in certain markets where the demand for quality technologists is even more pressing. Moreover, with the recent crisis, the digitalization of jobs that we experienced over the last years is going to increase even more. The demand for a fast, effective and convenient upskilling and/or reskilling alternative will grow even more.”

CodeBoxx lowers the barrier to entry for candidates: everyone is accepted, a high-performance laptop is loaned to any candidate who requests one, a job is guaranteed to graduates and they only pay tuition fees when they are hired! For all the details about the concept and the program: Thanks to the early success CodeBoxx has experienced, it was able to demonstrate its proof of concept and explain the three pillars it is built on:

A proprietary program of 14 themes delivered in “Boot Camp” mode

An original program, tailor-made for the market, intensively exposes participants to the most modern and recognized tools and practices. The high intensity 14 weeks Odyssey program provides a wealth of knowledge that will be highly valued by future employers.

A business simulation that delivers immediate experience

Each theme is explored in the context of a fictional business. Immersion in a business context helps develop the reflexes and behaviours that will be called upon when the graduates join future work teams.

Strong and experienced coaches with an active career sponsor each participant

Problem solving and implementation of deliverables in line with program requirements is done with the help of senior coaches with a mission of mentors. They supervise and assist the participants in a manner suited to each individual’s personality to help them reach their objectives.

“At CodeBoxx, we pride ourselves to teach more than technologies”, explains Nadya Fortier, director of operations: “We have a culture that we reinforce week after week that surrounds participants and pushes them to strive for excellence in execution, to always try to do more while remaining flexible and trying to recognize simplicity even in the most complex situations. The school develops soft skills alongside hard skills. We all know how soft skills are important to generate growth in a company and it has been one of the comments we have received the most from employers that have hired dozens of CodeBoxx’s graduates.”

In order to determine whether such a program is really suitable for the candidate, CodeBoxx starts with a 2-week selection program. The test allows candidates to quickly realize if the technology world is really for them. Then comes the 14-week marathon called the Odyssey program. The adventure is bound to continue beyond the weeks of training. The organization invests resources in the community to help get off to a good start in a new job and also fuels potential entrepreneurial ambitions. “With CodeBoxx I open my address book developed in Paris, New York and Silicon Valley over the past 16 years. We are an incubator of choice for quality concepts and ideas and we expose them to real venture capital. With the momentum and business environment enjoyed in Tampa, we are looking forward to continue reshape human capital one individual at a time and create new opportunities for people from all walks of life ”, proudly underlined Nicolas Genest.

CodeBoxx is not lacking in ambition! The organization feels capable of being the spark of many new careers across North America and eventually, across the entire world.
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