Press Release CodeBoxx: Important Update

Press Release CodeBoxx: Important Update

As you know, we are currently going through a period of uncertainty, to say the least, with the COVID-19 pandemic which is raging all over the planet and which is affecting our communities.

Although our bootcamp is optimally offered when it is delivered physically on our premises, public health directives have forced us to adapt in order to continue to deliver the program remotely to participants of our current cohorts of our respective campuses . This adaptation of the program was successfully carried out by our team and although less than ideal, this tailored program produces impressive results.

These results combined with the uncertainty for the next few months mean that the cohorts that are scheduled to start on May 25th in Montreal and May 26th in Quebec are maintained and will be started with the same remote working methods and that it may be the case for the total duration of the 16-week program. Depending on the evolution of the deconfinement directives, we will restore access to our campuses, if possible, and in full compliance with the rules that will be imposed on us. All the candidates currently enrolling and preparing for the cohorts have been informed of these new parameters.

As we have no certainty as to the date of resumption of normal activities, all parties involved are ready for the possibility that the entire 16-week program may entirely be delivered remotely. The support offered to participants, the quality of the program as well as the contractual parameters remain unchanged. Our requirements in terms of commitment, deliverables, deadlines and availability will be very clear at all times and nothing will be left to chance. This is essential to allow graduation and employability of participants at the end of the program.


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