Stéphane Roy: What CodeBoxx means to me!

Stéphane Roy: What CodeBoxx means to me!

Stéphane Roy, February 5th 2020

After 26 years in the telecommunications industry, I needed a change. I was clearly no longer happy in my position and several aspects of my daily life were affected. Morale, health, my relationship with my loved ones, to name a few things, suffered from my inaction. I had great benefits and a very good salary, but that was no longer enough to motivate me to work in a company with which I no longer had any common interests.

I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do. Getting back to school over a long period was not possible. It was then that on a rainy afternoon, I remember being parked in a residential sector, waiting for one of my employees be done to conduct a field observation of his work. I was listening to the radio and suddenly, someone I didn’t know came to talk about his project: the CodeBoxx School of Technology.

A man named Nicolas Genest, very enthusiastic and dynamic, described what he had set up in Quebec. I immediately became interested in the subject and saw it as a great opportunity for my son, who did not really know what to do after high school. As soon as I got home, I was quick to share with him everything I had heard about CodeBoxx. Unfortunately, he was not as excited as I was and did not sign up for the cohort that started a few months later.

For my part, I saw myself trying to enter the world of developers and the technology industry. Having always been interested in everything related to technology, although I knew absolutely nothing about the different programming languages, the idea matured for some time. On top of that, getting to work was becoming more and more difficult and painful.

Then the opportunity arose to leave my employer in good conditions, so I jumped at the chance and talked about CodeBoxx again to Andrew, my son, who still hadn’t figured out what would motivate him in the future despite the months that had passed since I told him about CodeBoxx. He was still hesitant to do the bootcamp. When I told him one day that I had just signed up, he immediately did the same. So it was together that we started the second cohort which started on January 21st, 2019. You read that right: my son Andrew and I did the cohort together! Andrew was also the subject of a graduation portrait similar to this one.

I liked everything about CodeBoxx: the environment, the meetings I had there, the “coaches”, Nadya and Nicolas. What I enjoyed above all was seeing my son excited about something new. I found a motivated young man who wanted to succeed and surpass himself. His journey filled me with pride and I am even more so since he is now employed by Coveo, a Quebec unicorn (private company with a valuation of more than $ 1 billion) and a flagship of the technology industry. On my side, I now have the chance to combine my previous work experience to my new skill set as a full stack project manager for CodeBoxx’s Digital Workshop.

CodeBoxx represents for me a new start in life. My morale and my health are much better and my loved ones have found a Stéphane whom they had not seen in a long time. Thank you to life, thank you CodeBoxx!


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