The enrollment process for the May 2020 cohorts is underway!

The enrollment process for the May 2020 cohorts is underway!

In anticipation of our next 2 cohorts which will start on May 25th and 26th at our Montreal and Quebec campuses, we have officially started the enrollment process. We begin this process approximately 2 months before the start of a cohort to provide sufficient preparation time for all registrants. As the registration process is not in any way disqualifying, it nevertheless involves compulsory stages and ends with a preparation phase which contains a large volume of tutorials and preparatory exercises which are very important for the success of all those registered, but especially all those who have no previous programming experience, which represent about half of our participants.

We are taking the time to make a special announcement for the occasion since some important changes have been implemented. In our constant desire to make all our processes even more effective and efficient, we have made a major improvement in our enrollment process and another modification is currently underway and will take effect in the coming weeks. We therefore wanted to share this in advance with all registrants and future registrants.

First, in order to improve the user experience, the enrollment process is now 100% done through the CodeBoxx portal. It is also almost fully automated to allow all registrants to complete the said process very quickly if they wish. Registrants can therefore follow their progress via their profile and begin the preparation phase as quickly as possible in order to be ready for the start of the cohort.

The second major modification that is currently underway will take effect in the coming weeks. In order to add accountability to each registrant who reserves a seat in future cohorts, an administrative fee will be required for each registration that will be completed on our website. As you may know, it is currently free to register for a CodeBoxx cohort, but as several institutions are already doing with larger amounts than what we are going to add, this administrative fee will be applied as a credit on the security deposit that each registrant must pay to officialize his place in a CodeBoxx cohort. Therefore, it is not an additional cost to registrant, but really is a small deposit that will reduce the amount of the full security deposit every participant has to submit to take part in a cohort.

Note that there are still spots available for the May cohort in both Montreal and Quebec. You may also register for the September cohorts as well.


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