The end of the 4th cohort and the start of the countdown for January 2020!

The end of the 4th cohort and the start of the countdown for January 2020!

On this day, December 18th, with Christmas around the corner, participants of the 4th cohort are 3 days away from graduation. Moreover, we are now 40 days from the start of cohorts #5 and #6 on our Quebec and Montreal campuses. 2020 will mark history as CodeBoxx will open its new Montreal campus, thus operating 2 campuses and therefore 2 cohorts simultaneously for the first time in its history! After a phenomenal 2019 year, the prospects for 2020 are even more promising with the opening of this new campus, the announcement of new partners and possibly the announcement of a 3rd campus.

In addition, regarding the new Montreal facility, we receive a lot of questions about this. We want to reassure everyone: the progress of the rental improvements is going well and we are looking forward to present you our brand new classroom which will be unique of its kind and will even contain an auditorium !! We will be disclosing all details to cohort participants by email mid-January and the exact address will then be added to our various accounts. Please note that for the moment, access to the site is strictly reserved for workers and we want to avoid participants coming on site without warning. Thank you for all of your collaboration, your patience will be rewarded!

Quick facts:
Reminder: We will be on Wellington Street in Verdun.
We are a few hundred meters away from “De l’église” metro station.
Free on-street parking is plentiful in the surroundings.
We will share photos with you at the beginning of January.


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