CodeBoxx's graduates are Telus approved!

CodeBoxx's graduates are Telus approved!

With the new Montreal campus of CodeBoxx that will open on January 27th, the School of Technology explores the possibilities of additional partnerships to add partners to its already well-stocked circle. In this process, some of our graduates have been subjected to technical tests organized by none other than the telecommunications giant Telus! Plus, it is important to specify that Telus is the exclusive support partner for the development of US giant Google !!

Result: 75% of them have been approved!

Once again, CodeBoxx has had the opportunity to demonstrate that the quality of its graduates is compatible with the highest standards in the industry. Our modern practices are now recognized by more and more major players in the technology community. This extraordinary accomplishment makes the whole CodeBoxx team very proud and is a major endorsement that will serve as a major indicator in evaluating our graduates in the future!

CodeBoxx, it’s only getting started!


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