Maxime Patry: From the cranberry to the tech industry!

Maxime Patry: From the cranberry to the tech industry!

As part of our series of articles on our graduates, it is the turn of Maxime Patry, graduate of the 2nd cohort, to tell us about his experience. Maxime is a young worker who has always wanted to find his niche and his future in his university career. He found his passion at CodeBoxx and today he does what he loves most: analyze and solve problems using technology! He tells us his story!

Maxime Patry, October 2019

My academic and professional path before the CodeBoxx adventure is pretty blown up. I did my university studies in linguistics. While I was at the master’s degree, I changed several times my master’s thesis subject hoping to find one that would revive my interest and my motivation to continue my higher education, without success. I took this failure very hard and so I started other university programs, thinking that my future must absolutely go through the university. Towards the end of this journey, I even started a bachelor of agronomy (!!!) given my interest in working the land. I ended up on a cranberry farm where I was the director of operations, fertilizing and even doing surveying work. However, I had in mind the desire to use the data that was gathered on the farm to optimize harvests, but I did not have the computer skills to do it. I did not see myself starting a bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineering again. The idea of ​​doing such studies full-time or even part-time discouraged me. It was at the same time that I heard about CodeBoxx and decided to try the adventure.

From the first day, we are confronted with the immensity of the universe in which we are about to dive. We are presented with new technological tools with which we will have to realize our first of a long series of projects in a rather limited time. It’s stimulating and intimidating at the same time, but the intimidating factor fades from week to week, as we progress at CodeBoxx. In my opinion, this is the biggest strength of this bootcamp: you gain the confidence of being able to accomplish in a very short time a quality project if you put your efforts into it. At the end of the program, you will not be afraid that your employer will make you work on a project on which you know very little and you will even be happy to work with a new technology!

Following my graduation, I was fortunate enough to be recruited by IMTT, a company working in the petrochemical industry, where I hold a position of developer within the automation and preventive maintenance infrastructure team. Each day is different and I have the opportunity to use the skills acquired at CodeBoxx and acquire new ones.

All this may seem far away from cranberries, but the common denominator of everything I’ve always done is the same: problem solving. Only, I think it is the computer that allows me the best to use this interest in everyday life. I would like to thank the entire CodeBoxx team for the quality of the training received and the continuous support.



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