Simon Fortier: Overcoming the obstacles!

Simon Fortier: Overcoming the obstacles!

As part of our series of articles on our graduates, it is the turn of Simon Fortier, graduate of the 2nd cohort, to tell us about his experience. Simon has a very special story and had to overcome additional obstacles. Here is the story of another young man who has found a passion for CodeBoxx and who has extraordinary future prospects ahead of him!

Simon Fortier, September 12, 2019

Two years ago, my father had heard about CodeBoxx via Nicolas Genest’s techno podcast on and he told me about it to gauge my interest. Over time, the idea made its way so that I enrolled for the 2nd cohort that started in January 2019. Like any participant, I was both fearful and stimulated facing this challenge. However, I faced additional challenges because of my semantic-pragmatic dysphasia (developmental language disorder) and my high anxiety. Before my registration, my father and I contacted CodeBoxx’s chief operating officer, Nadya Fortier, to present my profile. I can say today that this discussion was the trigger in my decision to register, as Nadya immediately appeared trustworthy. His openness, his great empathy and the understanding of the whole CodeBoxx team were the elements that convinced me.

So I decided that I was going to seize the opportunity that was offered to me. The beginning of the adventure (the Genesis program) was relatively easy. I moved on to the next step, the Odyssey program. From that moment, things went lightly. The stress was rising, but fortunately with determination, I managed to surpass myself and get through it. That being said, another trigger for the cohort was when I was a team leader. I never thought it would be possible one day! It was during that week that I realized that I was changing for the better! My confidence level was improving everyday. In the last weeks of the program, I had an intense anxiety attack. Fortunately, thanks to the follow-up that CodeBoxx offers, the intervention of Nadya and the encouragement of Nicolas, I overcame my anxiety and completed the final weeks of the program brilliantly!

Once the bootcamp was successfully completed, I was offered a job at CodeBoxx. This opportunity makes me very happy and allows me to develop even more through the projects I work on! In my opinion, CodeBoxx perfectly applies the Bushido code and can be very proud of it! The code of Bushido is a code of chivalry once followed by Japanese samurai whose seven virtues are: righteousness, courage, kindness, politeness, honesty, honor and loyalty. These are the values ​​you find at CodeBoxx.

To conclude, I would like to thank the entire CodeBoxx team for their initiatives, their endless moral support and their dedication to their social mission. They have all my respect and my gratitude!

Thanks CodeBoxx!


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