CodeBoxx: An unbelievable experience!

CodeBoxx: An unbelievable experience!

With yet another cohort starting at CodeBoxx, we wanted to emphasize how each cohort is a unique adventure for all involved. Management team, Coaches, participants, partners, all are unanimous: CodeBoxx is a unique experience! It’s an incredible human adventure, a completely transformational 4 months. Participants from all walks of life, with different levels of education and age differences of up to 30 years sometimes develop a complicity worthy of being the subject of a master’s degree course for students in psychology!

CodeBoxx participants go through the full range of emotions. The excitement that comes with the opportunity to change your life and start your career in technology in 16 weeks quickly gives way to stress and anxiety that rises the closer you get to the beginning of the cohort. Once the cohort begins, the intensity is at its peak from the beginning of the Genesis program which serves as a selection test during the first 2 weeks. The relief of going to the next stage is of very short duration while the Odyssey marathon begins, with the sequence of themes over the 14 weeks, each crowned with a deliverable to be delivered each Friday. Weekends are greatly appreciated to prepare adequately for the following theme.

For the entire CodeBoxx team, there are phenomenal stories that have unfolded before our eyes and the future certainly holds other surprises. Young dropouts who now have a bright future ahead of them, participants who have lost a loved one during the cohort and who have completed the training and are now employed in technology, participants who became parents during the cohort Immigrants who were about to quit and found jobs that matched their talents and ambitions are just a few examples of the incredible human stories that take place cohort after cohort at CodeBoxx.

What we do at CodeBoxx is unique in Quebec and all the graduates who come to our home are just as much, bringing with them their “backgrounds” and their experiences with only one thing in common: the beginning of a new and exciting career in technology. Waiting for them after 16 weeks of hard work!


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