CodeBoxx is on fire!

CodeBoxx is on fire!

On Thursday August 8 was CodeBoxx’s 2nd informative 6 @ 8, which like the 1st edition, was a success all along the line, as several new registrations took place. added following the presentation of the concept and the program. This evening is added to the various mentions and marks of recognition of the last weeks, whereas the name of CodeBoxx is found everywhere! As we often say, CodeBoxx is a large community open to all, a movement that began almost a year ago in Quebec City that is gaining momentum every day and receiving more and more attention and recognition thanks to its social mission, the quality of its graduates and its innovative concept. Our preliminary results combined with the ongoing expansion process has allowed us to have a presence on several noteworthy platforms, in addition to our increased presence on social media. The portrait of the last weeks looks like this:

  • Insights Success magazine has released its top 30 most influential technology leaders for 2019 and our founder and CEO, Nicolas Genest, is featured! This is a wonderful recognition for Nicolas and CodeBoxx, because it is there because of the work done with CodeBoxx for a year. See the article by clicking here
  • Journalist Alain McKenna of the famous newspaper Les Affaires has inserted CodeBoxx in his daily article of the 10 things to know from Tuesday, July 30th.
  • One of the most popular French-language podcasts when it comes to technology and digital photography, Mon Carnet, moderated by Bruno Guglielminetti, gave us the opportunity to explain our concept in more details during the episode of August 2nd, available elsewhere by clicking here
  • Several new graduate stories have emerged as each of the graduates in question has had the opportunity to tell their unique story. As we approach the anniversary of our first year of operation, each graduate story is worthy to be mentioned and we will try to share as many as possible.

CodeBoxx therefore has an extraordinary momentum as it approaches its 4th cohort, which will begin in early September in Quebec City, but also the opening of its new campus in Montreal in January 2020. Registrations arrive are piling up for this first stage of the expansion plan, while nearly 80% of the first cohort in Montreal is already full!

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as many new features are planned. Another renowned magazine has come into contact with CodeBoxx for a very important recognition mark that should be published in the fall, CodeBoxx will be present in several events and job fairs in both Montreal and Quebec, several other articles will be published on our graduates and on CodeBoxx in general.

CodeBoxx, it’s only getting started!


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