A typical day in the life of a CodeBoxx participant!

A typical day in the life of a CodeBoxx participant!

Many of our articles so far have been based on questions that we receive repeatedly from registrants, interested people or simply curious people. Even if the school takes all the risks by guaranteeing a job at $ 25 / h to upon graduation and not asking for any tuition fees before the promise of employment is fulfilled, it is still an important decision in the life of a participant and we want to be as transparent as possible to enable people to make an informed decision.

This article is intended to answer some frequently asked questions: What does a typical day look like for a CodeBoxx participant?

The Genesis program, which lasts 2 weeks, is used to find out if the participants have what it takes to go to the 14-week Odyssey program, but also to validate their interest in technologies. Everything starts on the opening day with the welcome conference, followed by the assignment to a coach, the loan of the devices, the configuration of the tools and finally the presentation of the deliverable due at the end of Genesis. Subsequently, the students spend the 2 intensive weeks of the program on their project, making sure to respect the requirements to submit their project on the Friday of the 2nd week.

For Odyssey, there is a different theme each week, and therefore a different deliverable to deliver each Friday. Monday around 8 am AM is the moment we gather and we launch the week. Our CTO chats with the group for a few minutes to review the previous week and give the rankings. Coaches and the Executive Director can also take the opportunity to address some things to participants and answer questions if they have any. We then launch the week to come by announcing the theme of the week, sharing the document of the deliverables required by the “client” to the participants and sharing at the same time the introductory video that deals with the theme of the week from all angles and gives an overview of what participants have to accomplish during that week. Participants then start, alone or in teams depending on the week, the construction of their plan of attack to meet all the requests of the “client”. Some weeks will be more focused on execution while other weeks will require more in-depth reflexion before doing any task.

Friday is often a very busy day for participants depending on the progress of their project as the deadline approaches and the stress of the deadline begins to be felt. Each participant must be certain that the customer is fully satisfied with what he has requested and must even make the deliverable with certain “extras” that he did not necessarily request.

So that’s what the days at CodeBoxx look like. In conclusion, it is difficult to show in this text the heavy workload that participants face each week, but we want to remind that very few participants spend less than 50-60h per week in the “classroom” to arrive to deliver the quality necessary to succeed. It is therefore essential to be 100% dedicated to the bootcamp. Levels of commitment, effort and attitude are key indicators of success at CodeBoxx.


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