CyberCat's perseverance award!

CyberCat's perseverance award!

In the last few months, you’ve probably seen a post on one of our social media platforms that praised the newest recipient of the CyberCat Perseverance Award. Since we have never done so, we want to take a few minutes to explain in details the significance of this important prize.

The CyberCat Perseverance Award is awarded to 1 student every cohort who has distinguished himself through his constant efforts throughout the 16-week Boot Camp. This award, which comes with a generous $ 500 bursary, is presented by CyberCat, one of CodeBoxx’s elite partner companies. In business for more than 20 years, CyberCat offers tailor-made business solutions for businesses and many of its clients are well-known companies in the market. Benjamin Garant, Founder and CEO of CyberCat, is always very happy to welcome graduates to his premises for a 5 @ 7 to announce the finalists and award the prize to the winner. This event is always highly anticipated and held in a good mood, while the participants are in the last moments of the training. They can also take the opportunity to discuss with experienced programmers at the company’s facility.


The first recipient was Steve Collard, coming off the trucking industry, who spent the 4 months of the bootcamp away from his family and children while they were in Montreal.

The second recipient was François Vachon, formerly head of cutting for a plant in Beauce. François also spent a lot of time away from his wife, with whom he married just a few weeks before the start of the bootcamp, but also far from his 2 children. Francois was often in the early arrivals around 6am each morning and left in the last every night. He demonstrated outstanding commitment and resilience when he lost a significant member of his family during the cohort. All participants in cohort # 2 were frankly impressed and motivated by François’ determination and perseverance.

The recipient for the 3rd cohort will be known in September on the occasion of the traditional 5 @ 7 mentioned above.


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