The first “1st” in the history of CodeBoxx!

The first “1st” in the history of CodeBoxx!

With the number of amazing graduate stories we have, we have not even introduced you to our first cohort champion in CodeBoxx’s history! So we asked him to describe his journey!

Here is the journey of the first “1st” in the history of CodeBoxx.

Before CodeBoxx

Since my childhood, I was interested in computers and electronics. I started programming on my VIC-20, I was already doing some basic electronics, including reading switches and controlling LEDs through the expansion port. At GECEP, I went to TSO (Ordinary Systems Technology) where I mainly learned digital electronics and very low level programming, assembler, C (very much dependent on the hardware on which the program runs).

My work was shared between development, electronic circuit commissioning and micro-controller programming to run electronic components. Projects could look like “firmware” of peripherals or small electronic instruments with keyboard and screen.

During CodeBoxx

What attracted me to CodeBoxx’s training program was the intensity of training, 16 weeks of material that touches all areas of computer programming for today and tomorrow.

The topics are perfectly selected to teach us the techniques that are currently in demand  on the market. At CodeBoxx, we work on the latest technology and the one that is coming as well. Before CodeBoxx I did some training online, but I found it difficult to know what was really in demand, we can easily waste time to learn about a technology that is still current, but little in demand because already very mastered by the programmer community. My goal was not to compete against senior programmers who know a lot of technology, but to know the basics of new technologies to have an interesting profile for a future-oriented employer, who needs people for his new products.

That’s what Codeboxx offers, a program that is up-to-date for every cohort.

After CodeBoxx

CodeBoxx is like a big family, we spend 16 weeks, day and night to work together to progress and deliver on time our weekly project. In the second part of the program, we start meeting the partner companies. All quality companies looking for people with the CodeBoxx profile, hard-working people who have the taste to continue to learn.

For my part I got a job as R & D developer at Coveo. I meet passionate people like me every day, who love the work they do, we work with a package of technologies in the “cloud”, we use the best practices in the industry. People are proud to see the result of their work and the challenges they overcome.

We already have a small CodeBoxx community that is forming. It’s always nice to see newcomers arrive.

Thank you to the entire CodeBoxx team for making this possible.


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